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5 Pokemon Breeding Changes In ‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’

In Pokemon Sun and Moon there 5 breeding mechanic changes that you should be aware of before you start breeding for competitive pokemon. Some of these changes are quite important while others are changes that you should know about pokemon breeding that might make it easier to breed down egg moves, pokeballs, and more.


Introducing The Pokemon Nursery

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Pokemon Nursery formerly known as the Daycare has gone through one major change. The Pokemon Nursery no longer gives experience to pokemon who are deposited in the nursery. In the past apart from breeding for eggs, pokemon could grow and gain experience while they stayed in the daycare. This is no longer the case. For some this comes as a welcomed changed but for those hoping to gain experience at a much faster rate, not necessarily. One other change is being able to accept eggs even though your party is full. Below you will find the benefits and disadvantages to this change.

Pro’s Of Changing The Pokemon Nursery 

  • Egg Moves are not replaced when switching parents. In the past when a Pokemon whose level had increased to a move learning cap, the withdrawn Pokemon’s moves would be replaced with its “Level Up Move”.
  • Pokemon eggs can be accepted even though party is full; they are deposited into PC.
  • The Pokemon Nursery is located near patches of grass that contain EXP boosting pokemon like Tauros and Milktank. In addition, there also rare encounters like baby pokemon and Eevee.
  • Although there is not a real circular path, Pokemon breeders have found that a small corral across from Miltank can serve as circular path that can be used along with Tauros PokeRide to maximize egg steps needed to hatch pokemon eggs.


Con’s Of Changing The Pokemon Nursery

  • Pokemon can no longer gain experience, particularly important when trying to level up pokemon for competitive play.
  • Utilizing a nearby circular path with a single button hold method is not available like it was in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Inheriting Pokemon Egg Moves

Because Pokemon no longer gain experience and grow levels, egg moves are not replaced when switching out parent pokemon. Furthermore, Pokemon offspring can inherit move from either parents which is most definitely a welcomed change. In the past only the Male Pokemon would pass down its moves to offspring.


Pokemon Move Reminder

At the Pokemon Center on Mount Lanakila you will find that the Move Reminder will allow for a Pokemon to learn all of the moves it can learn through leveling up regardless of the Pokemon’s level. This excludes egg moves. This is a great change especially when trying to breed an egg move onto another pokemon species without having to level up your pokemon to access a “Level Up Move”.

Hatching Pokemon Eggs On Isle Avue 

ise-avueIn the Poke Pelago there is Isle Avue which is the isle that looks like a hot spring. In Isle Avue, a player can leave up to 18 pokemon eggs to hatch them. Apart from hatching eggs, a player can also deposit pokemon to increase their friendship points which is quite useful when trying to evolve baby pokemon who cannot breed until they evolve. In the beginning the isle allows for 6 pokemon, but will increase the number as you choose to develop the isle with pokebeans. Furthermore, adding pokebeans to the basket will hasten the hatching process.

Passing Down Pokeballs

One last important change for all avid pokemon breeders is the ability to pass down pokeballs from Male parent. In the past only the female was able to pass down the pokeball type, however, there is a special conditions in which a male pokemon can pass down its pokeball.

Special Condition

  • Ditto + Male Pokemon = 25 % that offspring will have male Pokemon’s Pokeball type

Hopefully you have found that these changes will give you a clearer look at how you can breed pokemon faster and make your breeding a much smoother process. If you liked what you read how about SIGNING-UP to the Johto Press to receive the Pokemon Sun and Moon “Beginner’s Guide To Pokemon Breeding” for FREE!

Written By Alberto Martinez (Pokemon Breeder Bertii)