The JOHTO PRESS is dedicated to bringing news and social event coverage surrounding the Pokemon franchise through the perspective of  the typical pokemon fan. The mission statement of the Johto Press is to open a space for pokemon fans to interact, share knowledge, as well as report and highlight pokemon gaming culture (game mechanics, competitive play, pop culture phenomenon, etc.).

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Blogger Bio:

SelfP BlackWhite GlowYellow    Alberto Martinez Jr.

I am a UC, Irvine alum with a B.A in English and an emphasis on Women’s Studies. A majority of my work experience and skill set revolves around non-profit educational organizations such as after school programming, college prep readiness, and access to higher education and career training paths with K-through 12th grade. Although my work skills focuses around youth development, I have a passion for writing and I am now finally venturing into my next career path through blogging, article writing, poetry, and story telling.

Apart from this I am a nerd at heart and love all things geeky; especially Pokemon and I know that you will stumble upon some form of knowledge, art piece, video, or story that will be useful for you or worthy of sharing among your circles!!!

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