Feel Guilty No More: ‘Pokemon’ ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ Ends PC Asylum

The Pokemon Company has released a new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer showcasing new Pokémon, playable demo, the return of some old features and so much more!

Out of all the information presented, Poke Pelago stands tall as a game changing feature.

  • What is Poke Pelago you ask?

It’s a pokemon paradise that is comprised of different Isles that focus on developing your bond with pokemon, training, and collecting rare items.

Why Is Poke Pelago A Game Changer?

As it always has been, there is the unfortunate depositing of hundreds of pokemon into the PC as one progresses through a pokemon game. The pack only allows for 6 pokemon and most of the time only 5 because a slot always goes to that special first starter that most can’t ever imagine depositing into the PC on the first play through of the game. Poke Pelago seems to be the perfect solution to the PC prison that will have an exciting new fresh take on old features.

Feel Guilty No More, Poke Pelago Is Here!

Feel guilty no more. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, no longer will Pokemon rot away in a PC prison like it has in the past.

PC Pokemon can now enjoy the Poke Pelago paradise which consist of different Isle respectively known as Isle Abeens, Isle Aphun, Isle Evelup, and one unnamed island that did not get highlighted in the trailer. It seems that with this introduction, the Pokemon company has finally changed the formula to keep our poke-pals happier rather than be imprisoned in pokeballs until a trainer decides to make use of them-if ever.

Poke Pelago Isles
Poke Pelago Isles

Poke Pelago will allow Pokemon in the PC to gain experience, find treasures, increase stats and so much more. Here is a breakdown of each of the isle and what we know so far about this much needed feature.

Isle Abeens

In Isle Abeens, Pokemon from the PC work together to collect Pokebeans which are the equivalent of the previous food item Pokepuffs from Pokemon X and Y and Omega Rubyand Alpha Sapphire. As your pokemon collect beans, the Pokemon website states that apparently “visiting pokemon may sometimes choose to join your party”. In this instance visiting pokemon meaning wild pokemon. It suggest that as your pokemon collect beans they will gain aid from wild pokemon interested in the activity. Once a visiting Pokemon’s message bubble displays a heart icon, it increases the chances of that pokemon to join the party.

Give your Pokemon Tender, Care, and Love and wild pokemon will join you!
Give your Pokemon Tender, Care, and Love and wild pokemon will join you!

It seems that Pokemon has really been working on the importance of building a bond and strong relationships with pokemon. The Isle of Abeens is a feature that seeks to foster and present these ideals perfectly by treating your pokemon well through games and attracting pokemon that see your potential to be a pokemon trainer that they want to become friends with.

Isle Aphun

In Isle Aphun, your pokemon work together and explore a cave in search of treasure. In what has been revealed, some of these treasures can include evolutionary stones. An interesting description found on the official Pokemon Sun and Moon websites says that,“once you develop it (Isle Aphun), you may be able to obtain valuable items.” This is still unclear in a sense because it can be understood as upgrading an Isle or discovering an Isle.

Search Isle Aphun Caves for rare treasure
Search Isle Aphun Caves for rare treasure

It perhaps means that a player may initially only start with one or two Isles to get the ball rolling and the more the Isle are utilized by your pokemon; the more of the likelyhood of unlocking new Isles and new items

Isle Evelup

In this Isle it seems that pokemon spend time training and growing their levels. Furthermore, Mohn, the caretaker of the Poke Pelago Isle sales stat and experience boosting drinks that increase your pokemon stats and experience depending on the drink purchased.

The smoothie drink seem to be work like that of the stat boosting items from previous installments such as HP Up, Protein, Carbos, and so on. Because the Isle shows that more than one pokemon can inhabit the Isle at any given time, it’s still not clear as to whether or not one drink affects the whole Isle or if a player has the option of giving the smoothie to a particular pokemon.

Purchase Stat and EXP boosting drinks for your Pokemon to help them grow in strength
Purchase Stat and EXP boosting drinks for your Pokemon to help them grow in strength

This Isle’s function resembles the previous Super Training feature from Pokemon X andY and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Super training focused on playing mini games to boost a certain stat with the ability to add stat boosting punching bags to increase the amount of a boost given to a particular stat.

Is Love In The Air In Poke Pelago?

Lastly there is an unknown Isle with waterfall characteristics that was unfortunately not highlighted in the trailer. As to what the Isle focuses on is still unclear but it can be inferred that because of how the other isles are set-up to use your PC pokemon, it will most likely be set-up in the same manner.

In taking a wild guess, maybe the Isle could be a Breeding Isle where pokemon can be paired or find partners to breed for pokemon eggs. There is no concrete evidence but because the Isle seem to take some old features that involve pokemon doing some sort of activity, a daycare Isle may make sense to the overall theme of building relationships and taking care of pokemon.

Written By Alberto Martinez (PokemonBreederBertii)


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Pokemon Question Of The Month

In Pokemon Sun and Moon Type: Null finally releases its true power by unmasking itself and evolving into Silvally!





‘Pokemon’ Is Coming To The NX: Top ‘Pokemon’ Games With Long Overdue Sequels


Nintendo’s next console, which is known as Project NX, is still very much shrouded in mist. The only concrete information thus far has been its late March 2017 release date and as always a couple of unconfirmed rumors surrounding the design and processing power of the console. Although the console won’t be hitting the shelves in time for Christmas, Nintendo is promising a wide range of IP’s like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pikmin 4, Dragon Quest XI and even 3rd party game support as the console makes its way to the market.

Interestingly, Pokemon Company executive, Tsunekazu Ishihara, in an interview with Wall Street Journal and British publication MVC stated that, “We will be making games for the NX.” The statement confirms that we will be getting pokemon titles for the NX and apparently Pokemon games by Gamefreak, the development team behind the main Pokemon series games. This has sparked some conversations in the pokemon community because until now, Gamefreak en largely has only focused on making the main series entries for Nintendo. Some of these conversations have included the idea that perhaps, this will be the first time to see a main series game finally make it to a console platform. One of the big questions in the pokemon community

  • Is a main series pokemon game like Pokemon Sun and Moon making its way to the NX?

Up to this point it’s still unclear.

Amid this exciting prospect, we have compiled a list of nostalgic Pokemon titles that are long overdue for a sequel and would make a perfect addition to the NX console game line up.

Battle It Out In Pokemon Stadium!

Pokemon Stadium debut in 1999

Pokemon Stadium debut in 1999

Pokemon Stadium later followed by Pokemon Stadium 2, is a pokemon battling strategy game from the N64 platform that had many similarities to the main series pokemon battle mechanics where a player uses some of their favorite pocket monsters and battle other pokemon with various attacks. One major feature that both these games included was the capability of moving pokemon from main titles like Pokemon Red, Blue, & Yellow through the transfer pak hardware over to Pokemon Stadium so that they could be used to battle.

With the impending release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, the idea of seeing a newStadium game that could potentially connect with main titles is exciting. Stadium games for the most part focus on the battling mechanics with little to any story line. With a full fetched battle system with over 700 hundred pokemon already available, a Pokemon Stadium sequel would make great addition for those competitive battlers that want to put their strategies to the test in a dedicated game to pokemon battling.

A Shadow Pokemon Appears!

Pokemon Colosseum debut in 2003

Pokemon Colosseum debut in 2003

Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gales Of Darkness take place in the same region of Orre where a young trainer must travel around saving “shadow” pokemon who have been used for evil doings. Although Pokemon XD: Gales Of Darkness is not a direct sequel to Pokemon Colosseum as they have completely different protagonists, they follow similar story lines in capturing “shadow” pokemon and purifying them to fight off their respective antagonist. Both these games are different because they change the formula from the traditional 8 Gyms and the Elite Four completion goal. These Gamecube titles are a great pick to make it the NX lineup because the story was fresh and offered the idea that pokemon could be evil if trained by bad trainers that sought to bring havoc on the world. The ability to then purify those pokemon by strengthening your bond through battling is what makes this game quite rewarding.

Gotta Snap ‘Em All!

The top contender that is extremely deserving of a sequel is the beloved and nostalgicPokemon Snap! In Pokemon Snap, Professor Oak calls upon your photography skills to snap a picture of all 151 pokemon to create a photo album index of sorts.

The game places you on a trolley cart that runs through different landscapes as you try and snap pictures of as many pokemon that appear in varying terrains. Because the game is set-up on the player completing a photodex, it makes it rewarding to take pictures and revisit levels to explore potential hidden pokemon you may have missed. After finishing each level, Professor Oak judges each of your photos and grants you report points that can be used towards unlocking different items to aid you in completing the photodex. The game has all the makings that would make it the perfect contender to see release on the NX. Furthermore, during a September Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer at the 2:11 mark:

it was revealed that trainers could now take pictures with their trusty Rotomdex. The feature called Pokefinder allows players to take photos of wild pokemon in certain locations and fascinatingly like Prof. Oak, the Rotomdex judges your pictures and gives you points on your photography skills. It also goes as far as to share those photos with other players and tallies how many people gave your photos a like. It is still not clear if the points give the player a reward in anyway so for now we will have to wait for the game to make its debut to find out.

With a pokemon roster of over 700 Pokémon, confirmation that Gamefreak is developing a pokemon title for the NX console, and the Pokemon Snap like feature,

  • Is it possible that the trailer may have hinted at the first glimpse of what could possibly be a future Pokemon Snap 2 entry?

Until March 2017 comes around and the NX makes its release, time will tell as Nintendo keeps pokemon fans waiting to know if this old favorite will Snap back into the gaming scene.

As always be the best version of yourself!

By Alberto Martinez (PokemonBreederBertii)

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