Pokemon Breeding 101

Welcome To Pokemon Breeding 101

Are there such things as perfect Pokémon? The answer is YES! Some in the community may disagree on the principle that all Pokémon regardless of their flaws are great but the reality is, there are proven game mechanics that look at a Pokémon’s potential that says otherwise. This gaming mechanic is of course Pokémon Breeding which was originally introduced in Pokémon Gold & Silver (GEN II).

Since Gen II, Breeding has gone through some drastic changes which has gone on to include the ability to manipulate a Pokémon’s potential with the right information and some necessary tools to help breed offspring who in the long run will competitively outperform Pokémon in the same species.


And now we find ourselves at this “Beginner’s Guide to Pokémon Breeding”. After much research and community engagement, I found that with all the plethora of information on breeding Pokémon, it was difficult to find a printable guide & checklist that centralizes some of the most basic breeding knowledge. Just to clarify, in no way am I stating that the information out there is no good. The information is outstanding and I am glad that it is available to look up for our breeding needs.

The “Beginner’s Guide to Pokémon Breeding” was created in the hopes to provide a printable format that new breeders could keep on hand to revisit without the use of repeatedly “googling” Pokémon breeding mechanic questions. This guide also includes a couple of checklist and a tracking system print to help new and veteran breeders make breeding efforts as smooth as possible.

Lastly, it is the hope of THE JOHTO PRESS that this guide serves you well and that some of the common knowledge and printable extras within this guide will make your Pokémon breeding experience much more enjoyable.

How can I get this awesome FREE Pokemon Breeding guide you ask?

All you have to do is Sign-Up for the Johto Press Blog with your name and email. It’s that simple! You will also get updated breeding info as new mechanics are bound to come with the introduction of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Be sure to click on the red arrow below to get one step closer to becoming a pokemon breeding master.


Beginner’s Guide To Pokemon Breeding