Pokemon Sun and Moon at E3

Pokemon Sun and Moon at E3

The Nintendo Tree house went live on Tuesday June 14th and revealed much more about the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon games. It is surprising how much was discussed and shown on the E3 floor. Both Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori, producer and director of Sun and Moon were present to showcase first full length game play of Pokémon Sun and Moon. There was quite a lot of information and it did not disappoint. The production of the game is certainly focusing on immersion and the importance of having players become enthralled within the Alola region. The character models have a natural flow in movement and personality as they walk, run, and go through different terrains.

One clip demonstrates how the character model adapts to its surrounding terrain like walking in almost strenuous motion when going uphill in an area of the game. Both character and environment seem to be evolving together to emphasize immersion. Small changes like these really add to the overall experience of the game.

Another way that the environment will pull in players are the added features like the shadow bars that appear on the top screen. These shadows come into focus when approaching a potential trainer seeking to battle. It is a great gesture that truly adds to the tension when running into trainers along the journey. One other artistic value that was for a long time left unconfirmed are the trainers and onlookers in the background. When questioned during the QA portion, Mr. Masuda and Ohmori, confirmed that the trainer will now be present in the battle camera angles during wild and trainer battles. This is a completely new artistic direction not seen before in the series and which is a change from a behind view perspective of your Pokémon while battling. This new direction will also extend to certain parts of the game where other NPC’s maybe present in the background to cheer on the battle.

Fans of the series definitely ask for new and more challenging ways to play Pokémon, well Pokémon Sun and Moon will be adding a new game mode called Battle Royal where four trainers enter the ring with 1 of 3 of their Pokémon and have a free for all to be crowned winner of the match. Players will be forced to think even more strategically of their own battle style and the decisions on whom they choose to attack because in one turn, unknowing, trainers could choose to attack one player simultaneously. This new mode will definitely test players and make decision making crucial to winning the match in the Battle Royal arena. Interestingly, within the battle royal game play we learned with much excitement that character customization is indeed making a return to the series like that of Pokémon X & Y. As one the female characters throws out her Pokémon, the trainer can be seen showcasing some of the new clothing options not previously seen before like accessories, head ware, and outerwear. Both producer and director mentioned that they can confirm that the feature will be part of the new installment.

Moving onto battle mechanics, the bottom screen has made some changes that make menu options easier and more efficient when playing throughout the game. Some of these things include the pokeball button to easily throw them instead of going through the menu. Another is the added feature to the move selection options, which gives a trainer hints as to whether or not a Pokémon’s moves are effective against an opponent Pokémon, furthermore, the menu keeps track of stat changes like boost and drops. In relation to battling more so competitively, the menu tracking system is going to make recording and remembering an opponent’s battle strategy easier to remember making decision making about one’s next move more assertive.

Now for the Pokemon reveals, three new Pokémon were unveiled during the gameplay and they are Grubbin, Yungoos, and Pikipek. Pikipek is the woodpecker Pokémon teased back in the original announcement trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon. It is a Normal and Flying type with access to abilities Keen Eye and Skill Link. Yungoos is known as the Loitering Pokémon and is the first Pokémon that appeared as part of the game play in the wild grass. It is a normal type with the abilities Stakeout and Strong Jaw. Its new ability stakeout allows it to make its normal moves double in strength when Pokémon switch out and in during battle. Lastly, there is Grubbin the larve Pokémon. It is a bug tyoe with the ability swarm. Apart from the new Pokémon we received more details from the Pokémon Sun and Moon site on Solgaleo, Lunala, and Magearna. Solgaleo and Lunala will be receiving new forms. It is still unknown what power these new forms hold but all that is known thus far is that the forms are called Radiant Sun Phase and Full Moon Phase. As for Magearna, its soul heart ability increases its special attack when a Pokémon faints during battle furthermore, one of its new moves is called Fleur Cannon.

The news revealed during and after E3 is exciting and is definitely adding more fuel to the hype train. I do not believe more could have been asked for and at this point in time the press on the games has been heavy handed and hope that there is still more to uncover after the games are released.

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Pokémon Sun & Moon: Solgaleo is a Robot?

PK SunMoonTheory Thub

After much overview of what has been revealed about Sun and Moon, there is a motif that I see coming through that may give insight to the plot line of what will unfold in the Alola region. It’s important to remember that this is purely speculation and falls within theory; however, a great deal of the information presented is pulled from game play trailers, game details, and what has been published so far about the games.

Firstly, let’s look at the legendary mascots of Sun and moon. Solgaleo is described as “the beast that devours the sun”. This expression is astounding because it is absurd to believe that the sun could be swallowed by an animal. Although this is irrational, the claim may not be that far fetched. Solgaleo’s tying is psychic and steel. When stepping back, the typing of Solgaleo may not seem as revealing within the context of sun and moon’s plotline. After the reveal of Solagaleo’s typing most fans reactions was “huh, not a fire type? But it’s the mascot for Sun” Most brushed this off as well, Pokémon is doing their own thing and taking their IP in the direction that makes more sense to them. But I would challenge that belief by saying that the fact that Solgaleo is not a fire type Pokémon may be pointing at what I believe will be the overarching theme that will steer the storyline of Pokémon Sun and Moon.

With these observations and further analysis of published information, I believe that Sun and Moon will illustrate the struggle between Nature and Technology. Furthermore, it can be stated that the games will attempt to make amends with the forces at hand to show how important both nature and technology are important to the survival of the Pokémon universe.

Now let’ breakdown both legendary mascots. As already known Solgaleo is steel and psychic while Lunala is psychic and ghost.  Most legendary play counter parts to one another.  An example of this are Groundon and Kyogre. In their respective games Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (ORAS), Groundon and Kyogre wreak havoc in the Pokémon universe; Groudon can dry up the lands and oceans and Kyogre can drown the land in water. Much like this relationship, Lunala and Solgaleo are each other’s counterparts. Solgaleo in this instance represents Technology while Lunala represents Nature which is strengthen by its connection as “the beast that calls the moon”. Let’s unpack this relationship. When the word steel comes to mind, I correlate steel with metal, robots, artificial intelligence, and finally technology. As for Lunala psychic and ghost can be broken down to spirituality, intelligence, mind, auras, fields, and lastly nature. This is the basis and the beginning of the struggle between Nature and technology.

At first glance the relationship of Lunala and Solgaleo seem one sided. Nature being the obvious choice to rally and champion; however, Nature is capable of being just as destructive as technology which echoes the similar relationship of Groundon and Kyogres strife to win over the other. With this being said, I believe that the protagonists will be faced with situations and trials centered on the dilemma of whether Nature or Technology is the better choice when moving forward. This dilemma may just be the foundation of the evil organizations that may serve to push the story line like that of ORAS where Team Magma felt that the world would be better on land vs Team Aqua who felt the world of water was much better suited. I can image one team that promotes technology as the champion ideal because technology can provided advancement through medicine, engineering, and efficiency. As for the ideal of Nature, the opposite team can argue that Nature is the origin of life and provides the necessary adaptations for survival without harming the surrounding environments.

This leads me to believe that Lillie the mysterious assistant will be at the middle of both ideals. All that can said at the moment is that she has her own personal reasons for working with Professor Kukui. Is it possible that professor Kukui’s research may lead him right in the middle of the Nature vs. Technology disagreement? Honestly, it may seem that way but I feel that Professor Kukui is studying how Nature and the introduction of technology can integrate to serve the advancement of nature and technology.

His research may be the reason why the protagonists receives a unique and rare pokedex known as RotomDex. RotomoDex is the perfect example of how Nature and Technology can come together to create an amazing relationship. Rotom here represents Nature while the pokedex item is the technology. Their relationship is symbiotic. RotomDex is not the only pokemon that has this underlining theme. Let us not forget about the Pokémon Movie: Volcanion and the ingenious Magearna. The film takes satoshi and his friends to the Azolf kingdom. In that kingdom they will be introduced to Magearna the artificial pokemon with the mysterious power known as Soul Heart. Magearna like RotomDex is the coming together of two ideals. Or like the original pokemon sun and moon announcement trailer states “it all comes together in an all new Pokémon adventure”. As for Sun and Moon, Solgaleo is the coming together of intelligence and technology which is probably why it’s tying is psychic and steel, the creation of Artificial Intelligence. Lunala will be the force of Nature that will contend with the existence of Solgaleo as much as Solgaleo will struggle with its existence as artificial intelligence which may be the reason it is the “beast that devours the sun”.

I know that was quite a lot to take in and delve through but it is exciting to really imagine what may be in store for us once sun and moon are released. I hope you enjoyed my take on Sun and Moon theory. Please be sure comment below with your ideas and smash the like button to let me know that you enjoyed my thoughts on Sun and Moon.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Breaking News

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Breaking News: Video  Summary Below

Hello Pokefans,

As of today, June 2nd, more news on Pokémon Sun and Moon has dropped through one more trailer and a set of smaller 15-20 sec videos on the Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel. There was quite a lot of information that was hinted in the gameplay footage we received and I will be doing a breakdown of some of the most obvious information and also highlight other snippets that may have not received as much attention in the HYPE of all things Pokémon.

As you may know, when the first trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon were revealed back in early May, there were a few rocks unturned, 2 major rocks to be exact. Both legendary mascots of Sun and Moon were reveled but not named. We can now fully confirm the incredible investigation of Pokémon fanatics that stumbled upon the trademark licenses back in February earlier this year. We now have Solgaleo and Lunala as confirmed names.

Solgaleo is a psychic and steel Pokémon with the ability “Full Metal Body”, which blocks stat reduction effects from opponent’s moves or abilities. Its signature move is Sunsteel Strike. Next, we have Lunala the psychic and ghost Pokémon. Its ability, Shadow Shield reduces the amount of damage taken when its HP is full.  Its signature move being Moongeist Beam

Alongside the legendary mascots we were introduced to a couple of more characters by name and first appearances. One new character known as Lillie the mysterious assistant of professor Kukui. It is unknown yet but from what was reported on the Pokémon website, Lillie will play an important role in the storyline for Sun and Moon. Could she be a spy? Who knows, but we will leave that in speculation zone.

Our friend introduced in the first trailer is name Hau and will to be the helpful trainer that you will meet once in a while that will offer advice and the usual battle to keep your Pokémon on tip top shape.

Now moving onto one of my favorite aspect of the Pokémon games, the mechanics! It was revealed that our handy dandy Pokedex is ALIVE! Well, more like possessed. The pokedex will play off the Rotom appliances motif from Pokemon Black & White and become a RotomDex that will accompany you on your journey giving you information on pokemon, locations, and advice on where to go as you progress through the game. I find this mechanic quite awesome because it’s like having a Pokémon companion that you can talk to. However, it is still unsure, but RotomDex will most likely not take a Pokémon slot and only serve its purpose as guide and pokedex.

Moving onto the over world. The trailer definitely highlighted many more scenes of an over world experience with a movement away from the top down format from previous generations. Many scene showed the trainer being able to see most of the scenery with finer details like sandy beaches, open fields and route options. Furthermore, the map of the Alola region finally revealed that we indeed will be traveling to different islands on our adventure, which is something I am quite excited about because each island feels like there will be plenty to explore and unearth. From the map you can see 4 major island and a tiny artificial island smack down the middle which at first glanced looked to be a ship but later confirmed manmade island by the Pokémon sun and moon website.

One last mechanic is the QR scanner, where trainers can create QR codes from Pokémon that are registered in their pokedex. Codes can then be shared among trainers to register Pokémon or provide information location and advice on catching Pokémon species. This goes back to the a speculation on how Generation 1 Pokémon would be transferred over through some form of mini game or gimmick to make trading Pokémon such a special aspect of the series. For sun and moon it will be the QR code sharing mechanic.

With all this information it is not surprising that fans are already speculating and theorizing what things might be in store for us in Sun and Moon. I myself have a couple of speculations and one overarching theory about the regions potential story line and the Pokémon that have been introduced. After the announcement, reports say that Nintendo will be having some sort of Pokemon Sun and Moon presentation during E3 this year. My thoughts are they will probably reveal some new starter pokemo evolution or an entire new species.

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