Could The Possible Movement Of The Main ‘Pokemon’ Series To The Nintendo Switch Be Hinting At Nintendo’s 3DS Final Days?

The Nintendo Switch has finally released in North America and other parts of the world with record sells beating its previous predecessor Wii U sales for launch. For now it seems that Nintendo is seeing the fruit of their crop so to say.

Although the Nintendo Switch’s sales look promising at 1.5 million units sold world wide according to a Superdata report covered by Polygon , the Nintendo Switch Conference back in mid January received some criticisms of Nintendo’s 2017 titles and third party support to come to the Switch console. Some are finding the first year’s line up somewhat bland other than the popular Legend Of Zelda and Mario franchises.

Nintendo Switch 2017

In an interview with TIME , Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America responded in regards to future titles by saying,

I can say that our pipeline is quite robust, in what we are working on and that we will deliver next year and early into the year after that. We have that visibility in our pipeline.

It seems that future titles and some third party support will be paced throughout the console’s lifetime, one of them being the mysterious Pokemon game code named Pokemon Stars.

Laura Kate Dale a video game reporter revealed through a Reddit AMA that Pokemon Stars game like that of Pokemon Sun and Moon is indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch. It would be a first main series game to ever make it to one of Nintendo’s home consoles. The game will include at least 20 new Pokemon and continue the adventure in the Alola region. The main Pokemon series has always been exclusive to Nintendo’s handheld hardware. With that being said, it brings up a question about the future of the current 3DS handheld hardware line.

Is it possible that the movement of Nintendo’s biggest franchise like Pokemon be hinting at the 3DS’ final days?

In looking at Nintendo’s Top 3 selling handheld titles, it paints a picture of the possibility that the 3DS may be on its last leg. In a Nintendo 2016 year report on Gamespot the top selling tiles were Pokemon X and Y at number one, Mario Kart 7 at number two, and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire at the number three spot.

Pokemon being a best selling game on the handheld hardware could be a big hint that its movement to the Nintendo Switch console may be getting all those handheld owners ready to finally say goodbye to the 3DS family. It is important to note that the same report list other top selling games which were not exclusive to the handheld and saw more play on the home console like the Mario Kart 7 port, Super Smash Brothers, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

Some initial reactions that code name project Pokemon Stars will be a potential main series title on the Nintendo Switch has a mix of emotions from fans uncomfortable with the idea of purchasing a Nintendo Switch while others applaud the potential to see their beloved Pokemon run on the unreal engine hardware capable of pushing the series to new graphical possibilities. As is, the new Pokemon Sun and Moon games already push the limits of the 3DS with some players seeing some lag and graphical inconsistencies. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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5 Pokemon Breeding Changes In ‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’

In Pokemon Sun and Moon there 5 breeding mechanic changes that you should be aware of before you start breeding for competitive pokemon. Some of these changes are quite important while others are changes that you should know about pokemon breeding that might make it easier to breed down egg moves, pokeballs, and more.


Introducing The Pokemon Nursery

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Pokemon Nursery formerly known as the Daycare has gone through one major change. The Pokemon Nursery no longer gives experience to pokemon who are deposited in the nursery. In the past apart from breeding for eggs, pokemon could grow and gain experience while they stayed in the daycare. This is no longer the case. For some this comes as a welcomed changed but for those hoping to gain experience at a much faster rate, not necessarily. One other change is being able to accept eggs even though your party is full. Below you will find the benefits and disadvantages to this change.

Pro’s Of Changing The Pokemon Nursery 

  • Egg Moves are not replaced when switching parents. In the past when a Pokemon whose level had increased to a move learning cap, the withdrawn Pokemon’s moves would be replaced with its “Level Up Move”.
  • Pokemon eggs can be accepted even though party is full; they are deposited into PC.
  • The Pokemon Nursery is located near patches of grass that contain EXP boosting pokemon like Tauros and Milktank. In addition, there also rare encounters like baby pokemon and Eevee.
  • Although there is not a real circular path, Pokemon breeders have found that a small corral across from Miltank can serve as circular path that can be used along with Tauros PokeRide to maximize egg steps needed to hatch pokemon eggs.


Con’s Of Changing The Pokemon Nursery

  • Pokemon can no longer gain experience, particularly important when trying to level up pokemon for competitive play.
  • Utilizing a nearby circular path with a single button hold method is not available like it was in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Inheriting Pokemon Egg Moves

Because Pokemon no longer gain experience and grow levels, egg moves are not replaced when switching out parent pokemon. Furthermore, Pokemon offspring can inherit move from either parents which is most definitely a welcomed change. In the past only the Male Pokemon would pass down its moves to offspring.


Pokemon Move Reminder

At the Pokemon Center on Mount Lanakila you will find that the Move Reminder will allow for a Pokemon to learn all of the moves it can learn through leveling up regardless of the Pokemon’s level. This excludes egg moves. This is a great change especially when trying to breed an egg move onto another pokemon species without having to level up your pokemon to access a “Level Up Move”.

Hatching Pokemon Eggs On Isle Avue 

ise-avueIn the Poke Pelago there is Isle Avue which is the isle that looks like a hot spring. In Isle Avue, a player can leave up to 18 pokemon eggs to hatch them. Apart from hatching eggs, a player can also deposit pokemon to increase their friendship points which is quite useful when trying to evolve baby pokemon who cannot breed until they evolve. In the beginning the isle allows for 6 pokemon, but will increase the number as you choose to develop the isle with pokebeans. Furthermore, adding pokebeans to the basket will hasten the hatching process.

Passing Down Pokeballs

One last important change for all avid pokemon breeders is the ability to pass down pokeballs from Male parent. In the past only the female was able to pass down the pokeball type, however, there is a special conditions in which a male pokemon can pass down its pokeball.

Special Condition

  • Ditto + Male Pokemon = 25 % that offspring will have male Pokemon’s Pokeball type

Hopefully you have found that these changes will give you a clearer look at how you can breed pokemon faster and make your breeding a much smoother process. If you liked what you read how about SIGNING-UP to the Johto Press to receive the Pokemon Sun and Moon “Beginner’s Guide To Pokemon Breeding” for FREE!

Written By Alberto Martinez (Pokemon Breeder Bertii)

Pokemon Question Of The Month

Are Trials Better Gyms?

With the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon in less than a week away, we will all be experiencing one of the major changes in the series. Gyms seem to be non-existent in the Alola region.

  • What are your thoughts on this major change?
  • Are Trials better than traditional Gyms?
  • Who was your favorite gym leader to fight from the franchise up until this point?


Those who answer the Pokemon Question (s) of the month will be entered to win a U.S Volcanion Code Card to add to their Pokemon XY or Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

OPEN until November 30th, 2016  [11:59 PT]


‘Pokemon Sun’ and ‘Moon’ Is A Celebration Of The ‘Pokemon’ Journey

With the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer, the community is ecstatic with the surprising appearance of nostalgic old trainers, final starter evolutions, more Alolan pokemon and new beginnings.

has been the motto for Pokemon Sun and Moon since its announcement back in February of 2016.

It was unclear what was meant by “it all comes together” but as the year progressed with news on the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon entries, it has become much more clear that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be a celebration of the pokemon journey.

The Pokemon Journey

With all this in mind, it’s important to understand that Pokemon is so much more than discovering pokemon, battling, and completing the game; it’s about the actual journey and Pokemon Sun and Moon will be a testament to that. Whether you started your adventure in Kanto or later in the series, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be the adventure to pay homage to the foundation of what it means to be the best there ever was.

Although Pokemon Sun and Moon take place in a new region with new pokemon and new characters, the overall theme seems to point to the importance of bonding with pokemon and the journey that every trainer must embark on to become a pokemon master.

In many ways, Pokemon Sun and Moon is a gift from the franchise to remind fans that the journey itself is the true reward. The journey doesn’t end at 8 badges, completing a pokedex, or winning the toughest battles; it continues as a trainer takes the lessons learned from the adventure to become closer to pokemon.

How will ‘Pokemon Sun’and ‘Moon’ celebrate the franchise you ask?

Well in the Alola region you will encounter familiar trainers and even old pokemon with fresh new designs that for some will remind them of their past adventures throughout the pokemon franchise. The direction of the upcoming entry seems to have a clear focus on the meaning behind the journey and here a couple of ways that Pokemon Sun and Moon pays its respects.

The Return Of Kanto Pokemon

Besides from introducing new pokemon, the Alola region seems to highlight some of the most iconic first generation pokemon by giving them new life through Alolan forms which are pokemon that have adapted to the environment of Alola. In their adaptations, some Kanto pokemon have gained new abilities, typings, moves, and psychical characteristic that make them more suitable for living in the tropical climate and variant ecosystems of the Alola region, furthermore, giving the original 151 an increased chance to see some competitive use.

Pokemon like Sanshrew, Sandslash, Exeggutor, vulpix, and ninetales have adapted to their environments
Pokemon like Sanshrew, Sandslash, Exeggutor, vulpix, and ninetales have adapted to their environments

With 2016 being Pokemon’s 20th year anniversary, it seems quite proper to highlight and revel the original pokemon from the first generation that for many who have been with pokemon since the beginning symbolize the foundation of the pokemon series.

Beyond The Badge

As with most main series Pokemon games a trainer obtains a starter pokemon, catches pokemon to assemble a team and collects badges to ultimately compete in the Pokemon League in the hopes of becoming champion of the region. Well, in Sun and Moon that doesn’t seem to be entirely the case.

In Alola, Trials have replaced gyms. A trainer will travel around islands completing island trials to measure their potential to be great trainers. Trials can encompass a variety of task like battling, finding items and pokemon, or completing a particular request. Initially, some fans were not thrilled with the new formula because it felt as though removing gym challenges would hinder the purpose of pokemon battling.

However, in celebrating the pokemon journey it’s important to remember that connecting with pokemon and learning from the adventure has always been at the core of the franchise. This is why the island trials are the perfect way to pay homage to the series. The trials hit at the core of the franchise by connecting the ideals of bonding and growing alongside pokemon.

Why Are Island Trials Better Than Gyms?

The trials celebrate the significant bond between a pokemon and their trainer. A good example is the first trial where Illima tasks the trainer to find Alolan Rattata that are hiding in small caves in a cavern. At first glance this may seem like a time wasting task, but it’s critical to look at what can be learned by exploring Rattata’s environment.

The first trial has a trainer explore a cave in search of Alolan Rattata

It can be argued that crawling through a cave and finding Rattata does nothing to add your pokemon skills, but in the pokemon world, the experience of learning a Pokemon’s natural living environment and behaviors is helpful information to foster a meaningful and caring relation between a trainer and pokemon. A trainer who can be in tuned with their Pokemon’s needs, behaviors, and natural instincts is more likely to create a stronger bond which in the long run will make for a well rounded trainer capable of training a variety of pokemon.

In the past badges were a great indicator that speak to a trainer’s ability to create an effective team to defeat a gym leader. Trials on the other hand are the rite of passage and relate more to the situations a trainer will face along the journey to become the very best; a more telling and enriching accomplishment.

Witness The Creation Of The Pokemon League

In Alola, the trainer will witness the creation of the first pokemon league. The first of its kind in Alola to be exact. A trainer may be able to challenge it once they become a mastered trainer. This game event is quite exciting because it entails a trainer engaging in the creation of the league.

The act of defeating the league is among the highest achievements in pokemon games and allowing a trainer to be part of the creation of the league speaks to the franchise’s gratitude to all pokemon trainers that without their support, pokemon would not be celebrating 20 years of success.

Battle Legends

In Pokemon Sun and Moon battle some of the most recognizable trainers from the franchise. Two of the most iconic being Red and Blue from the original first games of the pokemon gaming series. Red has appeared in other games like Pokemon Gold and Silvertheir respective remakes, and in Pokemon Black and White through the Word Tournament Arena events. Blue and Red’s return to series is the icing on the cake as they represent the journey of every pokemon trainer to become the best there ever was.

Red and Blue, Pokemon's most iconic trainers from the Kanto region are in Alola and they are ready to battle!
Red and Blue, Pokemon’s most iconic trainers from the Kanto region are in Alola and they are ready to battle!

From the trailer it can be seen that the trainer will get an opportunity to challenge Red and Blue to a battle. Nothing further is known as to why they make an appearance in the Alola region. Furthermore, it’s speculated that they may be unlock-able teammates to be scouted through the Battle Tree challenge that also revealed that a player can challenge other famous trainers from different regions like fan favorite Champion Cynthia from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Wally from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire makes an appearance as a challenge-able trainer. In the Battle Tree you can even scout trainers to fight in tag team battles. The hopes is that if you can challenge Red and Blue that they too can be scouted to join you in your endeavor to become a pokemon master!

Because Red and Blue are among the most iconic trainers from the Pokemon universe, its the icing on the cake in the spirit of celebrating 20 years of Pokemon.2520

Friends Till The End

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Poke Pelago helps to further build and strengthen your bond with pokemon. The Pelago paradise is comprised of different isle that help your pokemon grow, train, play and collect items for you like poke beans and evolution stones.

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The Poke Pelago is in many ways the perfect feature to ensure that every pokemon caught has a meaningful relationship with their trainer as they work together through different activities to aid in fostering a positive lifetime of bonding.

The direction of Pokemon Sun and Moon is deeply rooted on the pokemon journey. A journey that time after time, trainers take when they play a main pokemon series game. Some go as far as to replay the entire story by challenging themselves with a different starter and a new pokemon team. The experience is always new and refreshing because the journey can be experienced in many ways. The games have replay-ability because the journey through these 20 years of Pokemon can be experienced in challenging and most importantly meaningful ways which make the franchise an exciting series to play.

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Did You Pick Up On These 7 ‘Pokémon Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Easter Eggs?

With the deluge of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon announcements, there has been quite a lot of information for fans to analyze and digest for any hints into what will be in store for us once we arrive in #Alola.

Although we have quite a lot of information about new Pokémon, new game features, and even a demo to get a feel for the Alola region, here are seven Pokémon Sun and Moon Easter Eggs you might have missed from all the information available in the lead-up to the games’ releases on November 18.

1. Ash’s Greninja

The OT ID for Greninja says "Ash."
The OT ID for Greninja says “Ash.”

When starting up the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo, the first Easter Egg occurs when the Trainer receives a letter from an unnamed sender, along with a Poké Ball holding a #Greninja. This special Greninja has a unique ability, which allows it to transform into Ash-Greninja.

Just like Ash’s Greninja from the anime, this Greninja goes through the same form change. If you look closely at Greninja’s trainer OT, it says Ash, which confirms that the Greninja in your possession is indeed one in the same.

2. Serena’s Sprained Ankle

Is this female NPC referring to Ash Ketchum?
Is this female NPC referring to Ash Ketchum?

Again within the demo there is another Easter Egg, one that we will refer to as “Serena’s Sprained Ankle,” and that would have piqued the interest of attentive fans of the #PokémonXY anime series.

If you recall, a female NPC found on the upper left map from across the Hau’oli City Hall mentions a Trainer who helped her when she sprained her ankle, and that she will be meeting him on a particular day.

At first glance the event seems normal, but it’s difficult not to make the connection with Serena from the anime. In the Pokemon XY series there’s a flashback that shows how Ash once helped Serena when she sprained her ankle at Professor Oak’s summer camp when they were children. In addition, having received a Greninja whose Trainer ID reads Ash, with a special ability that allows it to take the Ash-Greninja form. strengthens the initial theory that Ash will make an appearance in the demo.

Did Ash swing by and meet up with the female NPC? Well, be sure to check out the demo to find out!

3. Machamp Plotting The Land

#Machamp can be seen plotting the land, which is found between the Malasada Restaurant and Hau’oli Police Station.

Machamp plots the land.
Machamp plots the land.

This quirky Easter Egg is most likely a nod to the old man using his Machop to plot the land from the first Pokémon games in the series — Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow and Green(for those of you from Japan.)

4. ‘Looker’ From The International Police

He's quite the looker, they tell me.
He’s quite the looker, they tell me.

Although still unclear, a police officer NPC who can be found inside the Hau’oli Police Station says:

“Are you looking for the competent police officer? Or are you looking for the Pokémon that supports him?”

Some fans have speculated that this Easter Egg may be a reference to “Looker” from the International Police, who first officially appeared in Pokémon Platinum. Although Looker did not technically have a Pokémon in the main gaming series, he does have a Croagunk in the #PokémonPlatinum anime series.

Here’s to hoping that Looker makes an appearance in Alola to help stop #TeamSkull.

5. Gold And Silver Keys

Pokemon Gold and Silver box art
Pokemon Gold and Silver box art

In the same Hau’oli Police Station near the back of the building are two keys on the wall. One key is silver while the other is gold. Although these keys may just be decorative items to add to the experience, there is a sense in the Pokémon community that these may be a throwback to Pokémon Gold and Silver, since Sun and Moon in many ways is the equivalent to Gold and Silver within the Mega timeline that Zenia mentions in #PokemonOmegaRuby and #PokemonAlphaSapphire.

6. How Would You Like To Have This Tasty, Nutritious Slowpoke Tail?

Near the docks in Hau’oli City there is a police officer who has heard a rumor that there will be some shady characters in the area willing to strike a shady deal at an approximate date.

Upon returning to speak to the officer on the designated day of said shady deal, the demo shows a #cutscene of two older characters talking about their Slowpoke’s tails and how beautiful they are. At first it seemed as though both characters were speaking in terms of eating Slowpoke tails, but as the scene continues the officer finds that both older gentlemen were simply mesmerized by how cute both Slowpoke were.

This throwback Easter Egg goes recalls Pokémon Gold and Silver, where Team Rocket and a shady salesmen try to sell Slowpoke tails on the black market.

7. Trainer Red’s 1996 T-Shirt

Lastly, the biggest Easter Egg, which hits you right in the feels, is Trainer Red’s 96 T-shirt. If you don’t look closely you might just miss it, seeing as it’s part of a trailer revealing that Red will appear in the Alola region.

The 96 T-shirt is a reference to the year that the first Pokémon games debuted in Japan with Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green.

Are there any other Easter Eggs you uncovered while playing the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo, or that you noticed in news trailers? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Feel Guilty No More: ‘Pokemon’ ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ Ends PC Asylum

The Pokemon Company has released a new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer showcasing new Pokémon, playable demo, the return of some old features and so much more!

Out of all the information presented, Poke Pelago stands tall as a game changing feature.

  • What is Poke Pelago you ask?

It’s a pokemon paradise that is comprised of different Isles that focus on developing your bond with pokemon, training, and collecting rare items.

Why Is Poke Pelago A Game Changer?

As it always has been, there is the unfortunate depositing of hundreds of pokemon into the PC as one progresses through a pokemon game. The pack only allows for 6 pokemon and most of the time only 5 because a slot always goes to that special first starter that most can’t ever imagine depositing into the PC on the first play through of the game. Poke Pelago seems to be the perfect solution to the PC prison that will have an exciting new fresh take on old features.

Feel Guilty No More, Poke Pelago Is Here!

Feel guilty no more. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, no longer will Pokemon rot away in a PC prison like it has in the past.

PC Pokemon can now enjoy the Poke Pelago paradise which consist of different Isle respectively known as Isle Abeens, Isle Aphun, Isle Evelup, and one unnamed island that did not get highlighted in the trailer. It seems that with this introduction, the Pokemon company has finally changed the formula to keep our poke-pals happier rather than be imprisoned in pokeballs until a trainer decides to make use of them-if ever.

Poke Pelago Isles
Poke Pelago Isles

Poke Pelago will allow Pokemon in the PC to gain experience, find treasures, increase stats and so much more. Here is a breakdown of each of the isle and what we know so far about this much needed feature.

Isle Abeens

In Isle Abeens, Pokemon from the PC work together to collect Pokebeans which are the equivalent of the previous food item Pokepuffs from Pokemon X and Y and Omega Rubyand Alpha Sapphire. As your pokemon collect beans, the Pokemon website states that apparently “visiting pokemon may sometimes choose to join your party”. In this instance visiting pokemon meaning wild pokemon. It suggest that as your pokemon collect beans they will gain aid from wild pokemon interested in the activity. Once a visiting Pokemon’s message bubble displays a heart icon, it increases the chances of that pokemon to join the party.

Give your Pokemon Tender, Care, and Love and wild pokemon will join you!
Give your Pokemon Tender, Care, and Love and wild pokemon will join you!

It seems that Pokemon has really been working on the importance of building a bond and strong relationships with pokemon. The Isle of Abeens is a feature that seeks to foster and present these ideals perfectly by treating your pokemon well through games and attracting pokemon that see your potential to be a pokemon trainer that they want to become friends with.

Isle Aphun

In Isle Aphun, your pokemon work together and explore a cave in search of treasure. In what has been revealed, some of these treasures can include evolutionary stones. An interesting description found on the official Pokemon Sun and Moon websites says that,“once you develop it (Isle Aphun), you may be able to obtain valuable items.” This is still unclear in a sense because it can be understood as upgrading an Isle or discovering an Isle.

Search Isle Aphun Caves for rare treasure
Search Isle Aphun Caves for rare treasure

It perhaps means that a player may initially only start with one or two Isles to get the ball rolling and the more the Isle are utilized by your pokemon; the more of the likelyhood of unlocking new Isles and new items

Isle Evelup

In this Isle it seems that pokemon spend time training and growing their levels. Furthermore, Mohn, the caretaker of the Poke Pelago Isle sales stat and experience boosting drinks that increase your pokemon stats and experience depending on the drink purchased.

The smoothie drink seem to be work like that of the stat boosting items from previous installments such as HP Up, Protein, Carbos, and so on. Because the Isle shows that more than one pokemon can inhabit the Isle at any given time, it’s still not clear as to whether or not one drink affects the whole Isle or if a player has the option of giving the smoothie to a particular pokemon.

Purchase Stat and EXP boosting drinks for your Pokemon to help them grow in strength
Purchase Stat and EXP boosting drinks for your Pokemon to help them grow in strength

This Isle’s function resembles the previous Super Training feature from Pokemon X andY and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Super training focused on playing mini games to boost a certain stat with the ability to add stat boosting punching bags to increase the amount of a boost given to a particular stat.

Is Love In The Air In Poke Pelago?

Lastly there is an unknown Isle with waterfall characteristics that was unfortunately not highlighted in the trailer. As to what the Isle focuses on is still unclear but it can be inferred that because of how the other isles are set-up to use your PC pokemon, it will most likely be set-up in the same manner.

In taking a wild guess, maybe the Isle could be a Breeding Isle where pokemon can be paired or find partners to breed for pokemon eggs. There is no concrete evidence but because the Isle seem to take some old features that involve pokemon doing some sort of activity, a daycare Isle may make sense to the overall theme of building relationships and taking care of pokemon.

Written By Alberto Martinez (PokemonBreederBertii)


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Pokemon Question Of The Month

In Pokemon Sun and Moon Type: Null finally releases its true power by unmasking itself and evolving into Silvally!