5 Tips To Become A Pro Pokemon Shiny Hunter in ‘Pokemon Sun’ and & ‘Moon’

The elusive shiny pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon is among the most sought out tier of pokemon in the main series franchise. Originally introduced in the first run of Pokemon Gold and Silver (Gen II). The shiny pokemon mechanic has gained so much popularity that dedicated YouTuber’s and Twitch streamers have made careers on the web showing the experience of the shiny hunt.

Among one the most popular is RenaeCollects who live streams her reactions as viewers join her on shiny hunts to ravel in her dedication to catch them all!

Although shiny encounters may seem impossible, do not fret because its actually a lot easier than you think; with the right preparation and patience, you too can be a pro shiny hunter!

How Do You Shiny Hunt Pokemon?

This is quite an easy question to answer. You must chain the same pokemon in succession to increase the chances of encountering a shiny. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, there is a dedicated mechanic that makes shiny encounters not only possible but also easier. The mechanic is known as the SOS method where wild pokemon call for help when their health points drops to red. Additionally, the SOS chain method also increases the chances of getting higher IV’s and access to hidden abilities as the chain increases. The SOS method can also be activated by using an adrenaline orb which is an item that makes a pokemon nervous enough to call for help. It’s important to note that sometimes pokemon may still call for help even if their health doesn’t drop to red. Now that you know the basic mechanic to encounter a shiny pokemon, lets move onto how you can implement a system to become a pro shiny hunter.

You can take a quick look at different shiny rates, hidden abilites, and IV’s from reddit user Swordstone_ that are super helpful while shiny hunting

1. Complete The Pokedex

Completing the Alola Dex is among one of the most important items to finish to make shiny hunting a much faster and smoother process. Upon completing the Alola Pokedex you can receive the Shiny Charm from the Game Director on the 2nd floor of the Gamefreak headquarters next to the Dimensional Research Lab in Heahea City (Akala isand). The Shiny Charm increases the odds of encountering a shiny pokemon. In addition, completing the Pokedex also makes catching pokemon easier because it increases the likelyhood of getting critical catch rate which helps the ball not break.

Although completing the Alola Pokedex is time consuming, in Pokemon Sun and Moon the Alola Dex is only compromised of 301 pokemon unlike prior games where getting a Shiny Charm required the completion of the national dex and with more than 800 pokemon to date, 301 seems like a much more manageable feat.

2. Creating The Perfect Shiny Hunting Team

Recruiting the right pokemon to join you on the shiny hunt is key to your success. The basics are to have a False Swipe pokemon and a status inducing pokemon to make catches easier and less stressful. False Swipe is a normal type move that will leave a wild pokemon with 1 health point if the attack strength is high enough. The move can never faint a pokemon. Another move comparable to False Swipe is the move Hold Back which does exactly the same but False Swipe is a better option because it can be received by Professor Kukui as a TM after completing the first grand trial early on in the game.

False Swipe Pokemon Suggestion:

Smeargle can learn any move with the help of its Sketch move which it learns around every 10 levels.
Smeargle can learn any move with the help of its Sketch move which it learns around every 10 levels.

Smeargle learns the move sketch which allows it to learn any move that it sketches from an opponent pokemon. The suggestion above gives a list of the most popular moves used to make shiny hunting a breeze without the need of constantly replenishing PP and Health.

You can read up on How To Build A Shiny Hunting Smeargle with various other move options for different situations here

Secondly, adding a status inducing pokemon to the team can help make catching pokemon by putting them to sleep or paralyzing them, furthermore, status ilments will help in stopping a chain at the right moment. Many shiny hunters can find themselves in a tight predicament where a shiny pokemon appears and keeps calling for help. A Pokeball can only be thrown when there is a single pokemon on the field. By putting the shiny pokemon to sleep or paralyzing it during battle will stop it from calling for help so that a Pokeball can be used.

Status Inducing Pokemon Suggestion:

Butterfree has access to many status ailment moves which can aid in catching pokemon
Butterfree has access to many status ailment moves which can aid in catching pokemon

Buttefree is a great status inducing pokemon to use because it can learn a variety of moves that will aid in catching shiny pokemon. It is an early route pokemon that can be caught at the beginning of the game as a Caterpie. It has a fast growth rate so evolving and learning status moves will be quite quick.

3. Farming Leppa Berries

Leppa Berries are a shiny hunter’s main staple because it’s a berry that automatically replenishes a move’s PP by 10 once it depletes. A Leppa berry farm can be started by planting them in the Poke Pelago feature on Isle Aplenny. Be sure to add poke beans to lessen the time to harvest berries. Other popular berries are Sitrus, Cheri, and Rawst berries for cases in which your main False Swiping pokemon gets paralyzed, burned, or needs some extra health.

Isle Aplenny can be unlocked by ranking up other Isles and catching many pokemon. Image from Serebii.net
Isle Aplenny can be unlocked by ranking up other Isles and catching many pokemon. Image from Serebii.net

4. Pokemon Moves & Faint Switching

Mastering shiny hunting is all about keeping track of how many pokemon you faint and knowing when to switch targets. As you may know, all pokemon have a limited amount of PP moves which deplete as you continue to use a move. When fainting pokemon, you can use your decreasing PP moves as markers to let you know how many pokemon you have fainted in a chain. In addition, opponent pokemon are also limited in moves as their PP depletes. Once an opponent pokemon uses all of its PP, it will have no choice but to use Struggle which is a Pokemon’s last resort when it is unable to use a move. Struggle causes a pokemon to lose health drastically each time it uses this move so it’s important to switch targets before a pokemon has run short on PP so that the chain can continue.

As a Pokemon uses a move, its PP depletes
As a Pokemon uses a move, its PP depletes

This is what is known as Faint Switching where you faint the pokemon that originally called for help when you feel the pokemon is getting close to using up all of its PP moves. Once the pokemon that originally called for help faints, you would then False Swipe the comrade pokemon that was called onto help and continue the chain as the comrade pokemon then calls for its own help. The general rule for faint switching is after 20-30 fainted ally pokemon before switching targets. This is all dependent on whether or not you missed an attack so keep track oh how many moves the pokemon has used.

Once the original pokemon who called for help gets close to using all of its PP, it would be wise to Faint Switch
Once the original pokemon who called for help gets close to using all of its PP, it would be wise to Faint Switch

5. Stocking On Pokeballs

Stocking on a variety of pokeballs of all kinds is an added bonus to catching a shiny pokemon in a pokeball that closely matches its shiny color scheme. Although pokeball matching is really up to preference, its nice to know that you can match a shiny pokemon with a pokeball that gives it an extra added effect when using shiny pokemon to battle once the shiny hunt is done.

Written By Alberto Martinez (PokemonBreederBertii)

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Pokémon Competitive Battling: Tools, Tips, and Strategies to Tune-Up Your Battling Skills


Pokémon is fun am I right? For many Pokémon fans the gaming series is about the collecting, the battling, and the storyline that unfolds along the journey. Some go as far as to take different mechanics from the games and chose to master those aspects such as breeding, completing the pokedex, team building, and for those seeking glory Competitive Battling which encompasses for the most part many if not all of these aspects mentioned to become the best there ever was!

In this piece you will find helpful tips, strategies, and some great tools that most Competitive Battlers use to up their battling skills. Many of the things that I will be mentioning are free to use and to no surprise easy even for the most novice battler looking to improve. And just so you know, some of these sites are even used by those many professional competitive battlers like Aaron Zheng and Ray Rizzo, so why not use what the pros are using to give you a better shot at reaching the top if not among the best.

  1. Pokemon Showdown 

Pokemon Showdown in short is an online Battle Simulator where a player can build pokemon teams in minutes, battle live with others in a variety of rulesets, and even communicate with others in the competitive battling community.

pk showdown

Why use Pokemon Showdown? Well, it cuts down on the time it would take for a player to grind, breed, and apply strategies through the actual pokemon game. By using Pokemon Showdown you can efficiently speed up the process to see what types of results your battling style is producing. It would be pretty daunting to create a team through your game cartridge with the expectation that your strategy will reign supreme to later find that your team has too many weakness and that your strategy just doesn’t produce results with the Pokémon you worked so diligently to breed, EV train, and level up.

This platform allows players to practice those strategies in mind, make changes to teams, and try playing in simulated rulesets like that of actual official competitions to see how your teams hold up against the current meta.

How will this simulator help me become a better player? Well after much practice, advice from the community, and testing your team you can then save and record those teams, then use the data that you feel is giving you results to then actually create legit pokemon teams on your game cartridges to enter official tournaments.

The bonus of Pokemon Showdown is that it’s directly connected to our next tool; SMOGON.


Smogon “University” is an “online community dedicated to the art of competitive battling” and like the Smogon website claims, they have the data, forums, and largest amount of resources in relation to competitive battling to back it up. Before going any further, it is important to note that Smogon apart from playing by official battle regulations also has its own competitive battling community that operates and plays under different rulesets by what is known as “TIERS”, which is signified by such terms as OU, UBERS, NU, RU, and so forth. Now before you run for the hills!!! These rules are just a different way to play pokemon to make competitive battling more balanced and at times challenging for the betterment of competitive play. The “tier” system is not an official pokemon ruleset, however, “tiers” are important in the sense that a lot of research, analysis, application, and hard work has gone into grouping pokemon by how well they are played and used in the current meta. With that said, using the information in the tiering system can definitely help a player make educated choices when building teams and executing strategies.

smogon uni

The database is broken down by generations and gives you in-depth analysis, IV/EV spreads, item usage, move pools, suggested move-sets, and strategies of any pokemon and its competitive viability. This is definitely a critical resource to make you more knowledgeable about a pokemon’s potential to play well. Although the website has wealth of knowledge, it is always changing with new strategies used and the introduction of new generations as they are released. As a player, try and experiment different moves and strategies that have not been exercised. A great example is the 2014 VGC Champion, Se Jun Park who won World’s using unpopular strategies to weather down players to reach the top. He has become a notable player because of how he plays and chooses to use pokemon. One of the most popular matches was his strategic use of Pachurisu in the finals which garnered him the World VGC title. It was not till then that players took a closer look at Pachurisu to examine its viability. Perhaps in your team building efforts, there is an overlooked pokemon or strategy not yet used; waiting for you to bring it to light?

3. Pokemon Usage Stats

Now that you know where to research, build teams, practice and apply your strategies, we can move onto more advanced skills. Looking at what is popular of course. I believe that looking into what pokemon teams and strategies are giving positive results can highly inform a player of what they will encounter in battles. With this knowledge at hand, they can surmise how their team can counter those inevitable challenges.

To aid with this, there are Pokemon Usage Stats websites like Smogon and others* that give you a breakdown of the most common move sets and pokemon. Taking a look at what you will face can inform and tune-up your battle strategy. Perhaps you can use an unconventional move set on pokemon that counters some of the most prevalent pokemon teams. Catching your opponent by surprise might just give you the edge you need to secure a match when they are not used to facing unpopular or new strategies. There are a myriad of changes and strategies that a player can incorporate, but only knowing the competition will assist you in winning matches more often.

4. Stat Boost/Reduction & Priority Moves

The need for speed! Well, actually who goes first and who goes last is something a player should always be tracking! Nugget Bridge speed tier is very helpful site when looking at your teams speed. Many matches are many times decided by the person who opted in for a boost in speed, attack, defense, etc. I have found that speed control is one of the challenges that I myself till this day struggle with because I am constantly thinking about whether or not my team has the necessary power to take out my opponent. With attacks like tailwind which boost an entire team’s speed by 2 or Icy Wind which can cause speed reduction, it’s important to stay vigilant when deciding what move to take in order to control stat boost or negate them with one of your own team members. Other popular stat challenges are abilities like Intimidate and prankster. Furthermore, don’t forget about priority moves like protect, fake-out, quick attack, etc. These attack will be given priority usage even though a pokemon is up against a speed tier out of their league. Learn about the most predominant stat boosting and reduction moves; gaining knowledge about how these moves work will give you an upper hand when deciding your next move.

5. Damage Calculation & Calculator

Inevitably like many games, it comes down to the MATH!! Simply put it, there are a max number stats a pokemon gains and each move has a potential power it can deal to an opponent pokemon. I would consider using damage calculators a highly advance tool because you would want to establish a good foundation of battling knowledge before using a calculator to infer your next move during battle. There are a couple of calculators but I have found that Smogon’s set up, has everything in a single interface where it you can play around with “hypothetical” situations in which you can see the chances of how much damage you will receive from an opponent and vice versa. It features the ability to input natures, moves, boost and reductions. It is a helpful tool when playing battle spot online during competitions to help track pokemon during matches.

With all these things in mind. In the end, practice makes perfect as there is no perfect team to counter all weaknesses. Even the most competitive pokemon have their weak points. These tools will definitely make you a better player and with constant usage you will see results.

Lastly, here are all the links and couple of other tools to check out that give you a breakdown of your team’s weaknesses and EV distribution.

  1. Pokemon Showdown 
  3. Pokemon Usage Stats
  4. Stat Boost/Reduction & Priority Moves
  5. Damage Calculation & Calculator
  6. Pokemon Team Builder
  7. Serebii IV Calculator

As always, this Politoed is out!!!!!