Pokemon Question Of The Month

Are Trials Better Gyms?

With the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon in less than a week away, we will all be experiencing one of the major changes in the series. Gyms seem to be non-existent in the Alola region.

  • What are your thoughts on this major change?
  • Are Trials better than traditional Gyms?
  • Who was your favorite gym leader to fight from the franchise up until this point?


Those who answer the Pokemon Question (s) of the month will be entered to win a U.S Volcanion Code Card to add to their Pokemon XY or Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

OPEN until November 30th, 2016  [11:59 PT]



2 thoughts on “Pokemon Question Of The Month

  1. I don’t like the change from gym leaders to trial captains but I really like the music.
    My favorite gym leader was Viola and her Vivlion


    • Hi Bobby! CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve won the Volcanion Code for your free Volanion for Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire or Pokemon XY. PLease send me an email at pokemonbreederbertii@gmail.com from the same email with which you used to answer the Question of the Month! Thanks again or being an engaging person in The Johto Press Community!


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