Did You Pick Up On These 7 ‘Pokémon Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Easter Eggs?

With the deluge of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon announcements, there has been quite a lot of information for fans to analyze and digest for any hints into what will be in store for us once we arrive in #Alola.

Although we have quite a lot of information about new Pokémon, new game features, and even a demo to get a feel for the Alola region, here are seven Pokémon Sun and Moon Easter Eggs you might have missed from all the information available in the lead-up to the games’ releases on November 18.

1. Ash’s Greninja

The OT ID for Greninja says "Ash."
The OT ID for Greninja says “Ash.”

When starting up the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo, the first Easter Egg occurs when the Trainer receives a letter from an unnamed sender, along with a Poké Ball holding a #Greninja. This special Greninja has a unique ability, which allows it to transform into Ash-Greninja.

Just like Ash’s Greninja from the anime, this Greninja goes through the same form change. If you look closely at Greninja’s trainer OT, it says Ash, which confirms that the Greninja in your possession is indeed one in the same.

2. Serena’s Sprained Ankle

Is this female NPC referring to Ash Ketchum?
Is this female NPC referring to Ash Ketchum?

Again within the demo there is another Easter Egg, one that we will refer to as “Serena’s Sprained Ankle,” and that would have piqued the interest of attentive fans of the #PokémonXY anime series.

If you recall, a female NPC found on the upper left map from across the Hau’oli City Hall mentions a Trainer who helped her when she sprained her ankle, and that she will be meeting him on a particular day.

At first glance the event seems normal, but it’s difficult not to make the connection with Serena from the anime. In the Pokemon XY series there’s a flashback that shows how Ash once helped Serena when she sprained her ankle at Professor Oak’s summer camp when they were children. In addition, having received a Greninja whose Trainer ID reads Ash, with a special ability that allows it to take the Ash-Greninja form. strengthens the initial theory that Ash will make an appearance in the demo.

Did Ash swing by and meet up with the female NPC? Well, be sure to check out the demo to find out!

3. Machamp Plotting The Land

#Machamp can be seen plotting the land, which is found between the Malasada Restaurant and Hau’oli Police Station.

Machamp plots the land.
Machamp plots the land.

This quirky Easter Egg is most likely a nod to the old man using his Machop to plot the land from the first Pokémon games in the series — Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow and Green(for those of you from Japan.)

4. ‘Looker’ From The International Police

He's quite the looker, they tell me.
He’s quite the looker, they tell me.

Although still unclear, a police officer NPC who can be found inside the Hau’oli Police Station says:

“Are you looking for the competent police officer? Or are you looking for the Pokémon that supports him?”

Some fans have speculated that this Easter Egg may be a reference to “Looker” from the International Police, who first officially appeared in Pokémon Platinum. Although Looker did not technically have a Pokémon in the main gaming series, he does have a Croagunk in the #PokémonPlatinum anime series.

Here’s to hoping that Looker makes an appearance in Alola to help stop #TeamSkull.

5. Gold And Silver Keys

Pokemon Gold and Silver box art
Pokemon Gold and Silver box art

In the same Hau’oli Police Station near the back of the building are two keys on the wall. One key is silver while the other is gold. Although these keys may just be decorative items to add to the experience, there is a sense in the Pokémon community that these may be a throwback to Pokémon Gold and Silver, since Sun and Moon in many ways is the equivalent to Gold and Silver within the Mega timeline that Zenia mentions in #PokemonOmegaRuby and #PokemonAlphaSapphire.

6. How Would You Like To Have This Tasty, Nutritious Slowpoke Tail?

Near the docks in Hau’oli City there is a police officer who has heard a rumor that there will be some shady characters in the area willing to strike a shady deal at an approximate date.

Upon returning to speak to the officer on the designated day of said shady deal, the demo shows a #cutscene of two older characters talking about their Slowpoke’s tails and how beautiful they are. At first it seemed as though both characters were speaking in terms of eating Slowpoke tails, but as the scene continues the officer finds that both older gentlemen were simply mesmerized by how cute both Slowpoke were.

This throwback Easter Egg goes recalls Pokémon Gold and Silver, where Team Rocket and a shady salesmen try to sell Slowpoke tails on the black market.

7. Trainer Red’s 1996 T-Shirt

Lastly, the biggest Easter Egg, which hits you right in the feels, is Trainer Red’s 96 T-shirt. If you don’t look closely you might just miss it, seeing as it’s part of a trailer revealing that Red will appear in the Alola region.

The 96 T-shirt is a reference to the year that the first Pokémon games debuted in Japan with Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green.

Are there any other Easter Eggs you uncovered while playing the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo, or that you noticed in news trailers? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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