Pokemon Sun and Moon: “Where is Mega Evolution?”

Pokemon Sun and Moon Mega Evolution.png

Pokemon Sun + Moon: Mega Evolutions Returning?

By Alberto Martinez (Pokemon Breeder Bertii)

Time is quickly twiddling down as the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon comes this November. Since its initial announcement back in late February, there has been a plethora of information released about Sun and Moon such as new pokemon, Alola forms, Ultra Beast, the new Z-Move battle mechanic and so much more!

While all the information known about the game thus far is awesome, one question is still left unanswered, “Where is Mega-Evolution?” Originally introduced in Pokemon X & Y, pokemon who can mega evolve change into a stronger form with the help of a Key Stone (Mega Bracelet) and a respective Mega stone. Mega evolution enriched competitive battling with new ways to battle and revitalized the use of Pokemon that generally had a difficult time competing against Pokemon above their tier.

To date, Gamefreak and the Pokemon Company have left the community in the dark when it comes to this mechanic making a return to the series. Many fans in the community are still anxiously waiting for any confirmation of Megas returning and below are examples of what The Johto Press has been able to unearth around the possibility of the Mega Evolution mechanic returning to the series by using some of the information already released about Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Mega Evolution is one of the most recognizable mechanics from Pokemon X & Y (Gen VI) as it served as one of the major plot lines of the game. In Pokemon X & Y Professor Sycamore and his trusty assistants Dexio and Sina are researching the strange new form of evolution that only seemed to appear in the Kalos region (later returning in Pokemon ORAS). In reference to Dexio and Sina, it was difficult to ignore the return of these characters in an early September Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer (1:56) where the main protagonist is shown speaking to them about collecting Zygarde cells and cores with the Zygarde Cube key item. The character models are uncanny and are confirmed within the trailer as their names are shown in this particular scene.


Dexio and Sina entrust the trainer with the Zygarde Cube to find its cells and cores

As mentioned before, Dexio and Sina are assistants of Professor Sycamore who’s research revolves around Mega Evolution and the Pokedex. It can be assumed that their presence in Sun & Moon and their interest in Zygarde could just be another research project assigned to them by Professor Sycamore; however, why entrust the player with finding Zygarde cells and cores? If you’ve played Pokemon X & Y, it is important to note that Dexio and Sina’s motives aren’t always what it may seem. Apart from helping Professor Sycamore research Mega Evolution, both of these characters always seemed to show up during major turning points in Pokemon X & Y that involved Team Flare or upgrading your Pokedex. As the plot drew near in X & Y, it is revealed that Sina and Dexio are indeed the masked crusaders who call themselves the Defenders of Kalos.

The questions then come up, could Sina and Dexio have other reasons for which they are in the Alola region? Is it possible that apart from Zygarde, that they are potentially also researching the presence of mega evolution in the Alola region? At this point in time, these questions are obviously speculative but do come to mind in relation to Mega Evolution and their return to the main series.

Before we let Dexio and Sina off the hook, the same image mentioned has both of them sporting some peculiar looking bracelets that if looked at more closely don’t seem to resemble Z-Rings. Their bracelets have a more smoother surface and lacks the sharp crystal edges of the Z-Ring. It can be said that their bracelet design more closely resembles the Mega bracelets from X & Y. In this instance, their bracelets are white in color versus the traditional black color scheme. It can be argued that these are most likely just character customization accessories, but it is odd to see two characters wear the same accessory.


Dexio and Sina sporting a rather particular bracelet unlike the Z-Ring

The next piece of potential indication of Mega Evolution is a familiar pose that every trainer must learn to call upon Mega Evolution. Now, jokes aside in Pokemon X & Y, there are times that the trainer makes a couple of hand and wrist gestures before raising a fist in the air to signify Mega Evolution. In the same fashion, one of the Pokemon Sun and Moon Japanese trailers (1:45) from the month of July 2016 featured a familiar pose like that of the Mega pose from Pokemon X & Y. Although the scene is clumped together with scenes of the new Z-Move mechanic, it has a different animation from that of Z-Move sequences. The image below gives a point of visual reference to show the close similarities that they share.


Trainer from Sun and Moon oddly poses like the Mega pose from X + Y. What could it all mean?

Lastly, its time to discuss the closes piece of official information that mentions the appearance of mega pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. V-Jump a Japanese magazine that focus on manga and video game news featured a spotlight on Jangmo-o, a new dragon pokemon from the Alola region. In this highlight the magazine goes over Jangmo-o’s Soundproof ability and mentions that it can stop a Hyper Voice attack from Sylveon and Mega-Gardevoir. This is the first instance in which Mega Evolution is clearly mentioned as being cannon to appearing in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It can be inferred that since Jangmo-o is a new pokemon and it can stop Mega-Gardevoir’s Hyper Voice attack, then we will most definitely be able to battle and use mega pokemon.

jangmo-o v jump.jpg

Jangmo-o can stop Mega-Gardevoir’s Hyper Voice

Even with this information, its still odd that mega pokemon game play has yet to surface. Some speculative thoughts as to why this may be are that mega evolutions are being saved for the post game. Furthermore, the hope that new Megas will be introduced are unlikely unless Gamefreak and the Pokemon Company have one final piece of news in relation to the Mega Evolution mechanic before the game releases.

The game is set to release November 18th in North America which is less than one month and half away. Here is to hoping that more news drops surrounding the return of Mega Pokemon.

As always, be the best version of yourself! This Politoed is OOUUUUTTTT!


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