“Ultra Beast, New Pokemon, & New Mysteries to Unravel”

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A new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer has hit the web and its become the big buzz in the Pokemon community. Why the big chatter? Well, because apart from the obvious new pokemon, the trailer has revealed new characters, more mysteries, and Ultra Beast. What in the world is an Ultra Beast you’re wondering? Is it a pokemon? Maybe or maybe not?

Here is a breakdown of the trailer to get you up to speed on the interesting and exciting news as we unpack the mystery of Ultra Beast among other things.

Type Null Jangmo-o Cutie Fly evolution.JPG


It is a new dragon type pokemon with access to the abilities bulletproof and soundproof. On the Pokemon Sun and Moon website, Jangmo-o is described as having the “pride of a warrior” yet “humble” while showing its capabilities. Because this pokemon trains in harsh locales like canyons there are some speculations that if this pokemon evolves, that it will most likely have warrior like features to stay fitting of its pokemon description. Jangmo-o seems to be quite strong as having defensive and offensive fighting styles; furthermore, there are some thoughts that may place this pokemon with rank levels of Dragonite reaching the pseudo legend tier.

Type: Null

You read that right! This pokemon’s name is Type: Null and it is a normal type pokemon with access to the ability Battle Armor. This pokemon has thrown the pokemon community for a loop because when initially revealed, it looked as though a new pokemon typing was being introduced; that was far from the case. Type: Null is described as the synthetic pokemon made up of various other pokemon adaptations to survive in many various situations. In short, this is a form of a chimera from Greek mythology which is a beast made up of other animals like lions, birds, and dragons. Lastly, the helmet it wears serves to limit its strength.

Cutiefly Stage 1 Evolution?

There is not much information on this other than some pokemon fans recognizing distinct differences of a pokemon that has huge similarities to Cutiefly. Since the Pokemon Company never really makes “mistakes” when announcing information through trailers, it is not surprising that with CoroCoro still to be released for the month of September, we might just get a clarification on this seemingly new pokemon.

PokeSnap Feature.JPG

Next we have the introduction of an enhanced photo taking feature. A nod to the popular PokemonSnap of course. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, players will now be able to take a quick snap of their favorite pokemon. Like Professor Oak in PokemonSnap, it seems that your trusty RotomDex will judge your photography skills and also provide information on how your photos are doing on Pokemon’s version of social media ; miiverse most likely.

Pokemon Sun and Moon 12 Hour Time Difference.JPG

In game exclusive information, Pokemon Sun and Moon will play out different depending on what version you are playing because each version is set 12 hours apart. Along with this time difference version exclusive pokemon appear depending on the version you are playing. The trailer goes onto say that the time difference in the game will cause certain events in game to play out different. For example, it looks as though in one version the Totem Pokemon can be either be Gumshoos or an Alolan Raticate. The over world seems to also be affected by the time change in which the scenery adapts to the particular time with Moon seemingly having a longer evening and Sun perhaps having a longer morning time frame.

In Alola Map reveals, the game trailer also highlighted some of Alola’s beautiful scenery and culturally rich cities. Some of these included a tower, fishing inspired city, and the to of the icy mountain during different times of the day. The over world seems to have been given a lot of aesthetic treatment. The images are quite beautiful and feels like there is plenty to explore.

Familiar Faces and Zygarde Quest.JPG

In Pokemon X & Y throwback fashion, the trailer glazes over the reintroduction of old familiar faces; Dexio and Sina make their return to the main series as you are held with the responsibility of a special Zygarde item in search of its Zygarde Cells and Cores. The player was shown walking around Alola collecting the cells to perhaps power up the players Zygarde forms. The reveal of the Zygarde Core item by Dexio and Sina is so fitting because they are Kalos natives visiting to help unravel the many mysteries of Zygarde that were left untouched in Pokemon X & Y.

Aether Organization.JPG

Now for the biggest surprise of them all is the reveal of The Aether Foundation which is an organization who’s sole purpose is to protect and provide a paradise for Pokemon who have been abused and stolen by Team Skull. We are introduced to Lusamine, Aether’s Glamorous President, followed by Faba , Aether’s Branch Chief, and lastly Wicke. Their headquarters is located on the artificial island near the middle of the Alola map. Although they seem to be presented as a pokemon rights organization, many from the Pokemon community were not easily fooled by the untrustworthy vibe the organization as a group emits story wise.

Then there is Gladion, the Team Skull Enforcer, that may actually be the true leader of Team Skull or a training cadet of sorts. Not much more is known of Gladion.

The introduction of these characters felt really out of left field because for sometime now we thought Team Skull to be the main antagonist group putting Alola in some form of turmoil.

Ultra Beast UB-01.PNG

Lastly, the mystery to take the cake is the introduction of Ultra Beast. After looking at the official pokemon website. Ultra Beast are not classified as Pokemon nor Human. The trailer revealed UB-01 , UB here standing in for Ultra Beast. The website goes on to say that there are more Ultra Beast that seek to wreck havoc in Alola and Pokemon. The community went wild and there are speculations that UB-01 could actually be Lillie, Professor Kukui’s assistant. Why such a proclamation? Well, because the description for UB-01 states that its a shapeshifter of sorts and has a white glass appearance furthermore, it sways its body like that of a young girl. Aesthetically, Lillie and UB-01 share similar design features like the white angelic colors scheme and body shape. Because Lillie still remains to be shrouded in mystery like UB-01, the connections stack up to lad many to believe that Lillie and UB-01 are one in the same or at least directly connected to each other and the plot line of Sun and Moon.

Be sure to stay tune for more Pokemon News as we wait for more reveals.

As always be the best version of yourself!


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