“Kalos We Are With You” – Pokemon XYZ EP. 40

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Full Episode Found on YouTube- Pokemon XYZ Ep. 40

By Alberto Martinez (PokemonBreederBertii)

Released this week, the Team Flare arc continues with Pokemon XYZ EP. 40 titled, “The Shocking Zygarde vs. Zygarde! The Collapsing World!!” The following is a review of the episode and if you have yet to see the episode then SPOILER WARNING! (Full Episode Below)

The review of this episode is divided into the following section The Battles, Music, Supporting Cast, and Overall Episode Story.

The Battles

In this episode the battles were plenty with both Zygardes battling at the center of Lumiose City and of course the rest of the pokemon trainers fighting off some sort of challenge like Team Flare admins or the ravenous plant life form wrapping its grip on the city. I will say that the fights were quite short but there are some great battle moments with Blaziken Mask, Alain, Satoshi, and Lysander. Out of all the battles, I enjoyed most when Blaziken Mask made his appearance in the nick of time to save someone or finish off a Team Flare admin. As for Professor Sycamore, he had his spotlight with his trusty Mega Garchomp. When it came to both Zygarde, Punichan struggles to convince the red Zygarde to come to its senses. Overall, the fights were short but were plentiful as it carried the episode to set the main stage for the finale. Most of the groups and rescue missions pretty much wrapped up and now the episode prepares viewers for the natural next step; the alliance and unraveling of how certain characters will play a major role for the fate of Kalos as predicted by Olympia in the previous XY season.

The Music

The music choices for this episode are mostly tracks from series that signified increasing tension which is expected but definitely shines when the trainers challenge Team Flare to battle. As they battle, the scenes are supported by Team Flare’s signature theme soundtrack to enhance the tension within each of the scenes. This is not say that the music is only amazing in fighting scenes. The episode made use of instrumental versions of the popular XY games which I personally enjoyed. The sound was in many ways as close as one can get to orchestrated versions, which had major emotional moments hit home harder as characters make realizations about choices that lead them to a particular path. I hope that the finale continues this motif of orchestrated tracks of XY because they give the series a more grandiose experience as a viewer.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast in the episode all played some major roles in my point of view. It felt that everyone had their moment to shine as they continue to deal with Lumiose’s dire situation. Once again, I have to give it up for Sawyer, Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor. They seem to have this overwhelming emotional comradery that I just love. Although, they basically did nothing during this episode, they continue their First Aid Operation as they team up with Diantha to help children and the elderly out of the city to safety. Another character who had a stand out moment was Blaziken Mask with his touching fatherly moment with Bonnie as he tries to calm her down. Lastly, Satoshi’s pokemon grouping together to battle Lysander was intense and definitely among the best fight from this episode.

Overall Episode Story

The goal of this episode in my opinion has finally brought the viewers to the main stage climax of the XYZ season. We are reaching the end and I think the episode did just that, it’s positioned every character where they need to be for the end game. The emotion was high to definitely ground the impending finale and to also take the viewer from a worried state of mind to a more new found fighter state to stand against Lysander and confidently go into next week’s episode with a sense of duty to root for our Kalos heroes to defeat Team Flare. I wil end this section with the #KalosWeAreWithYou campaign, be sure to share your favorite moments from either this episode or any previous ones from the XY generation and share it on Twitter, IG, PokeAmino, etc. Don’t forget to show your moral support by adding the hashtag #KalosWeAreWithYou .

As always thank you for being the best there ever was! This politoed is oouuuut!!!!


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