“All Eyes On Kalos” Pokemon XYZ EP. 39

All Eyes On Kalos Pokemon XYZ EP 39 Review

Full Episode on YouTube & Review Below

By Alberto Martinez (PokemonBreederBertii)

The next chapter of the Pokemon XYZ Ep. 39 Arc titled, “Flare Gang Attack! The Zygarde at the Prism Tower!!” released this week. The following is a review of the episode and if you have yet to see the episode then SPOILER WARNING! (Full Episode Below)

This review is divided into 3 sections the Team Flare Attacks, Supporting Cast, and Overall Storyline.

Team Flare Attacks

This episode begins with the attack on Kalos as we are reintroduced to Zygarde forms and both opposing powers that will face off to decide the fate of Kalos. Throughout the episode you can see Team Flare members on the ground fighting with citizens and other pokemon trainers in the hopes of taking hostages. Apart from team Flare members, the appearance of Red Zygarde has caused an unknown plant tree life form to cover Lumiose City; making it difficult for civilians closer to Prism Tower to head for safety. As Satoshi and Alain explore the city in search of Marin, they are met with Team Flare members who capture Satoshi and his Pokemon. Satoshi is in disbelief that Alain in some way is connected to Team Flare’s plans of holding him hostage. Overall the attack on Lumiose in this episode is the main focus throughout as the rest of the world watches Kalos in turmoil. There aren’t many memorable fight scenes but a look into how Kalos and how the world is reacting to the situation in my opinion strengthens the emotional drive about the weight of Kalos’ fate.

All Eyes On Kalos Pokemon XYZ EP. 39

Supporting Cast

The episode has most of the cast running off to rescue missions as Bonnie, Clement, and Serena head towards Punichan (Squishy) or what now has reached its Zygarde 50% form while Ash and Alain go in search of Marin. This episode also brings back the mysterious vigilante the “Blaziken Mask” and his Mega Blaziken who we all know to be Meyer. Although there is not a lot of pokemon battle action some other supporting characters in this episode to me stuck out the most for their role as an almost resistance group which will most likely play out until the finale . I’m talking about no other than Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor. I enjoyed their comradery as they joined together to fight off the plant life form trying to swallow Lumiose city. The scenes with these three in my opinion, is adding more emotional weight and preparing viewers for the big finale. Lastly, I could not leave out the comedic trio; Jessie, James, & Meowth. In the episode they continued their disguises as camera crew members as they become the viewer’s main source of information on the occurrences in Kalos. I really enjoyed the direction of this scene because they are a personification of fans who are sitting at home looking at what is unfolding before their eyes. It’s a nice touch to add importance to these characters who tend to be there for comedic relief.

Overall Storyline

Most would say, the episode is “filler” but in my opinion it’s a great episode in what it does. Although there weren’t any battles and awesome fight scenes, the focus on the response and how the world including Kalos is reacting to Team Flare’s attack is the goal. Without this set-up I feel that the finale would actually feel rushed and underdeveloped. The chapter is attempting to add emotional precedence to make a deeper connection that Kalos is indeed in trouble and needs all the help it can get whether it’s from a young pokemon trainer or from those watching from home rooting for the safety of Kalos.

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