Let’s Play Pokemon Go in Little Tokyo

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PokemonGo Little Tokyo Event Summary & Footage Below

Welcome Back Johtonians!

Moving onto PokemonGo events, I was able to attend a PokemonGo event in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.

The PokemonGO event was run by the Little Tokyo Anime Club during Nisei Week which in short is a celebration of Japanese American Culture.

The event had many other collaborators like vendors, music, and an Exhibit on Japanese Culture in no other than Little Tokyo’s Japanese American Culture & Community Center.

The event was definitely full of pokemon activities and for those wanting to learn more about Japanese culture, the community center held exhibits that highlight Japanese culture like Art, Flower Arrangements, and Traditional Fashion Attire Viewings.

In relation to Pokemon there were activities for all ages which included a pokemon scavenger hunt which had people go to different Little Tokyo landmarks where you could strike a pose and take some great pictures.

There was also a Smash Bro’s Tournament, Pokemon Mini 3DS Tournament, and Art Contest. I personally participated in their 3DS Pokemon Tournament. I definitely did not make it far in the tournament but it was fun to meet a good number of other pokemon fans who love the series. They were really welcoming and great to talk to. People are definitely not shy when it comes to talking about all the new pokemon that await in Alola.

While speaking with some of the tournament participants, I asked them about how they felt about the introduction of Alola forms and many were happy with the new fresh take on the old original Gen 1 Pokemon. The only complaint across the board from the fans I spoke to was Alolan Exeggutor but laughed saying that at least we have so many funny memes about its long neck design.

The next thing that I enjoyed from the event was the Pokemon Swag! There was pokemon booth selling PokemonGo related merchandise like pin buttons, stickers, T-shirts, hats, and cool Team Legendary Bird Key/phone chains to represent your team. All the merch was reasonably priced. I personally went for the pins to add flare to my pokemon lanyard.

At the plaza event there wasn’t any food but don’t fret, the area of Little Tokyo is full local Japanese and Asian restaurants to choose from. If you happen to be in the area, I suggest Weller Court where there are two floors full of shops and restaurants in a central location. It is relatively close to the Japanese Community Center which only took a five minute walk from where the PokemonGo event was happening. A little PokemonGo within the 5 minutes to get food awarded me with a bunch of Meowth.

I personally opted for the specialty market Murukai which has many Japanese and Asian products. I like the variety of products and many times sell items that can only be found at stores like Murukai that target the Japanese market. I grabbed myself some pre-packaged sushi and some delicious peach green tea. If the market is not your ideal choice be sure to look in Weller Court which ranges from Ramen Houses, sushi spots, and fusion cuisines.

Lastly, if you are a growing family, the event had pokemon puzzle games, pokemon 3Ds tournaments, pokemon ball toss, and the art contest. Many families that came for the Nisei Week celebration also took in the festivities of PokemonGo. Overall the event was fun and welcoming. The variety of activities was a plus because I feel it targeted different aspects of peoples interest like art, gaming, and culture.

Be sure to check out the Little Tokyo Anime Club. I have included a link to their website at the bottom of this article. They generally meet on Tuesdays from 4pm-7pm at the Little Tokyo Library in Los Angeles. Since the club encompasses all Anime, their club community enjoys a variety of anime beyond just pokemon so you will probably find something you like. Some of their meetings include meets-up, gaming, trading card games, discussions, and event planning for the Anime Community.

As always Johtonians! This Politoed is out!!!!


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