Major Pokemon Sun & Moon Leaks Continue

Raichu Alola Form.JPG

Dear Johtonians,

The leaks keep coming out of the wood works!More Pokemon Sun & Moon News drops throughout the evening. Although still unconfirmed, is reporting that there are indeed new leaks that were suppose to be part of an official Pokemon International trailer that would showcase 1 new pokemon, New Alolan Form,  and game play footage of the previously revealed Yowashi and Pyukumuku.

The trailer is still set to release on Aug 11th at 8:00 p.m PT. Here is a quick highlight of what information THE JOHTO PRESS has been able to find respectively to the upcoming trailer. Although these leaks have come out, there is a still a chance that the trailer holds more new information upon its official release.

Raichu Alola Form.png

First we have Raichu Alola Form which is a surfing Raichu that uses its tail as a surfing board of sorts. Alola form Raichu gains the Psychic typing along side electric. Raichu also receives a new ability, Surge Surfer which doubles its speed when the field is surrounded by electricity.


Next, we have a new pokemon called Morelull which is Grass/Fairy type with the abilities Illuminate and Effect Spore. The pokemon resembles wild mushrooms that are generally found in forest and grassy plains.This far this is all that is known of Morelull.

Going back to Yowashi, the fish school pokemon, we now have its official English translation called Wishiwashi. There is gameplay footage of Wishiwashi’s ability known as Schooling. Claims say that after a certain level, Wishiwashi can change from its Solo form into its Schooling form which resembles a school of fish that band together to become an enormous fish pokemon.


Then we have Pyukumuku the sea cucumber/urchin pokemon. It is said that its extends its inner organs that form fists to rid off enemies. There are some speculations that this pokemon will gain the fire typing once it evolves because its mouth resembles the symbol for fire which would make this pokemon a fire and water type which is among the most unique typings of this generation.

Team Skull Guzma

Lastly we get some more images of the evil Team Skull from Pokemon Sun and Moon. The images may reveal some backstory as to why the team is evil. Some sources say that some team members were rejected trial captains who did not make the cut.

UPDATED: August 11th, 2016 12:56 A.M (PT)

Trailer drops early, check out below

Stay tuned Johtonians! As always be the best there ever was!



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