Newly Discovered Pokemon Analysis

We have a news up date JOHTONIANS! (video pokemon analysis at end)

In the last week we have been revealed new pokemon and new abilities. Let’s take a look and breakdown some of the newly revealed pokemon of the Alola region.

First we have Bounsweet the fruit pokemon. It is a grass type with access to the abilities Leaf Guard and Oblivious. Aesthetically Bounsweet shares a great deal of the same visual design with Cherubi and its evolutionary line. It is said to exude a delicious smell which causes other pokemon to swallow them whole. People of the Alola region use Bounsweet as a form of air freshener for their homes.

Bounsweet  “it exudes a delicious smell which many times causes other pokemon to swallow them whole”–Pokemon Sun & Moon

The inspiration for Bounsweet seems to stem from the Mangosteen, a native Hawaiian fruit. In some of the folklore and stories surrounding the fruit, there are claims that the Mangosteen had some connections to Queen Victoria and how she supposedly offered world travelers rewards for the export of the fruit. Written accounts document that Queen victoria was introduced to the fruit by a world traveler, she instantly fell in love with the fruit. These written accounts also claim that among the many fruit that travelers had tasted, that the Mangosteen was the Queen/King of all fruit.

Although many of these accounts lack enough historical evidence to hold legitimacy, the overly popular stories of the Mangosteen and Queen Victoria may inform of us about a potential evolutionary look. Perhaps Bounsweet will evolve and loose its protective pink shell to reveal its white fruit that will resemble a royal like ball gown dress in similar fashion of Bolossom’s and Magearna’s bottom torses. One other interesting fact is that “it drives of enemies by rotating the calyx on its head which is the green leafy portion that is found on most fruit when picked off from its stem. It is possible that this leafy calyx may turn into a crown of sorts to complete Bounsweet’s royalty like gown look.

Moving onto to the dangerously cuddling pokemon we have Bewear of Course. Bewear is the strong arm pokemon and its typing is Normal/Fighting. It will gain access to the abilities Klutz and Fluffy.  The fluffy ability reduces damage by half when attacks make contact; however, it also doubles the damage of fire type moves taken. In looking for native animals of Hawaii, the bear which Bewear resembles is not an animal generally found in tropical areas.

Bewear.png “it is unaware of its own strength”–Pokemon Sun & Moon

A source of inspiration for Bewear might actually be the California Bear. I say this because of its fluffy ability in how it receives double the damage from fire moves. In southern California especially during the summer the state is prone to forest fires which decimates the environment and many times the wildlife in the area like bears. Because of Bewear’s description of not being aware of its own strength, its attack stat will most definitely be off the charts.

Next we have Comfey the Posey Picker Pokemon. It is the fairy lei pokemon that emits a soothing fragrance which gives rings of flowers to those it is fond of. I find Comfey to be similar to Klefki in design. It has the abilities Flower Veil and Triage. The triage ability is super interesting when it comes to how it could possibly see competitive play. The ability makes restorative moves gain the highest priority in battle. If Comfey base stats are spread within HP, DEF, and SP.DEF, I can see it becoming a great supportive wall that can help heal other pokemon with moves like wish and heal pulse. This is still speculation but I am hoping that this fairy type gets some spotlight in competitive battling.

Comfey“it gives rings of flowers to those it is fond of”-Pokemon Sun & Moon

The design is so fitting to the Alola region and gets inspiration to the traditional Hawaiian lei which are “supposed to represent a hug that encircles you all day long.” Furthermore, different colored arrangements have meanings that range from love, appreciation, admiration, friendship, loyalty, and so forth.

Next we have Mudsdale the draft horse pokemon. It is a ground type with the access to the abilities Own Tempo which prevents it from being confused and a new ability known as Stamina which raises defense by 1 stage every time it is attacked. It is describe as having emotional fortitude and defeating opponents with a single powerful blow. The legs are also coated in protective mud that increase the force of its attacks.

Mudsdale.png “it can defeat opponents with a single powerful blow”-Pokemon Sun & Moon

The inspiration for mudsdale comes from wild hawaiin horses most present in the big islands. Furthermore, the protective mud coating is inspired by Clysdale horses that are identified by their feathered legs.

With all that said, speculating its competitive use, I can see Mudsdale being a defensive and offensive pokemon. If the base stats are right, combining its Stamina ability with a high defense base stat could make Mudsdale a force to be reckoned with. The ground typing could give it access to earthquake and stone edge which are powerful physical moves.

Next, we have the mysterious yet lovable Mimikyu who sports a worn out Pikachu doll as a disguise. It is the first ghost/fairy type pokemon with a new ability known as disguise of course. The disguise ability allows its disguise to serve as a decoy. Once it is attacked, the decoy breaks negating the damage it would have received from the attack.

Mimikyu “it wears a pikachu doll from 20 years ago because it wants to be loved like pikachu”-Pokemon Sun & Moon

Mimikyu uses the Pikachu disguise as a way to make friend with humans although many warn that if a human here to see a Mimikyu without its disguise that they would be cursed. After looking into potential inspirations for Mimikyu, the closes thing that I could find are the night marches who are ghost of ancient warriors who usually appear from long ago battle fields. In Hawaiian folklore, the night marchers are seen in groups and making eye contact with one of these spirits should be avoided because one could become cursed or taken away and never heard of again.

Competitively, Mimikyu’s disguise ability could be used alongside an item like focus sash to give it battle longevity. Although it is unsure if it will evolve, if the ability does not change, I can see it using moves like toxic, reflect, and hex to whether down teams.

Lastly, we have Wimpod which is a bug and water type. It has a knew ability known as wimp-out that allows it to flee from a wild battle or switch-out when its HP goes below 50%. It has a cowardly nature and spits out a poisonous liquid when threatened. the likely hood of this pokemon becoming a poison type is high because of it is described as having a poisonous reaction when retreating.

Competitively, WImpod could be used to scout out an opponents strength and move pool. Because Wimpod retreats after loosing more than 50% of its HP, a trainer could use the intel to switch into a pokemon that can better handle a situation.

Again Johtonians, than you for the support and be sure to tune-in at our YouTube Channel for more Pokemon!


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