Pokémon Sun & Moon: Solgaleo is a Robot?

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After much overview of what has been revealed about Sun and Moon, there is a motif that I see coming through that may give insight to the plot line of what will unfold in the Alola region. It’s important to remember that this is purely speculation and falls within theory; however, a great deal of the information presented is pulled from game play trailers, game details, and what has been published so far about the games.

Firstly, let’s look at the legendary mascots of Sun and moon. Solgaleo is described as “the beast that devours the sun”. This expression is astounding because it is absurd to believe that the sun could be swallowed by an animal. Although this is irrational, the claim may not be that far fetched. Solgaleo’s tying is psychic and steel. When stepping back, the typing of Solgaleo may not seem as revealing within the context of sun and moon’s plotline. After the reveal of Solagaleo’s typing most fans reactions was “huh, not a fire type? But it’s the mascot for Sun” Most brushed this off as well, Pokémon is doing their own thing and taking their IP in the direction that makes more sense to them. But I would challenge that belief by saying that the fact that Solgaleo is not a fire type Pokémon may be pointing at what I believe will be the overarching theme that will steer the storyline of Pokémon Sun and Moon.

With these observations and further analysis of published information, I believe that Sun and Moon will illustrate the struggle between Nature and Technology. Furthermore, it can be stated that the games will attempt to make amends with the forces at hand to show how important both nature and technology are important to the survival of the Pokémon universe.

Now let’ breakdown both legendary mascots. As already known Solgaleo is steel and psychic while Lunala is psychic and ghost.  Most legendary play counter parts to one another.  An example of this are Groundon and Kyogre. In their respective games Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (ORAS), Groundon and Kyogre wreak havoc in the Pokémon universe; Groudon can dry up the lands and oceans and Kyogre can drown the land in water. Much like this relationship, Lunala and Solgaleo are each other’s counterparts. Solgaleo in this instance represents Technology while Lunala represents Nature which is strengthen by its connection as “the beast that calls the moon”. Let’s unpack this relationship. When the word steel comes to mind, I correlate steel with metal, robots, artificial intelligence, and finally technology. As for Lunala psychic and ghost can be broken down to spirituality, intelligence, mind, auras, fields, and lastly nature. This is the basis and the beginning of the struggle between Nature and technology.

At first glance the relationship of Lunala and Solgaleo seem one sided. Nature being the obvious choice to rally and champion; however, Nature is capable of being just as destructive as technology which echoes the similar relationship of Groundon and Kyogres strife to win over the other. With this being said, I believe that the protagonists will be faced with situations and trials centered on the dilemma of whether Nature or Technology is the better choice when moving forward. This dilemma may just be the foundation of the evil organizations that may serve to push the story line like that of ORAS where Team Magma felt that the world would be better on land vs Team Aqua who felt the world of water was much better suited. I can image one team that promotes technology as the champion ideal because technology can provided advancement through medicine, engineering, and efficiency. As for the ideal of Nature, the opposite team can argue that Nature is the origin of life and provides the necessary adaptations for survival without harming the surrounding environments.

This leads me to believe that Lillie the mysterious assistant will be at the middle of both ideals. All that can said at the moment is that she has her own personal reasons for working with Professor Kukui. Is it possible that professor Kukui’s research may lead him right in the middle of the Nature vs. Technology disagreement? Honestly, it may seem that way but I feel that Professor Kukui is studying how Nature and the introduction of technology can integrate to serve the advancement of nature and technology.

His research may be the reason why the protagonists receives a unique and rare pokedex known as RotomDex. RotomoDex is the perfect example of how Nature and Technology can come together to create an amazing relationship. Rotom here represents Nature while the pokedex item is the technology. Their relationship is symbiotic. RotomDex is not the only pokemon that has this underlining theme. Let us not forget about the Pokémon Movie: Volcanion and the ingenious Magearna. The film takes satoshi and his friends to the Azolf kingdom. In that kingdom they will be introduced to Magearna the artificial pokemon with the mysterious power known as Soul Heart. Magearna like RotomDex is the coming together of two ideals. Or like the original pokemon sun and moon announcement trailer states “it all comes together in an all new Pokémon adventure”. As for Sun and Moon, Solgaleo is the coming together of intelligence and technology which is probably why it’s tying is psychic and steel, the creation of Artificial Intelligence. Lunala will be the force of Nature that will contend with the existence of Solgaleo as much as Solgaleo will struggle with its existence as artificial intelligence which may be the reason it is the “beast that devours the sun”.

I know that was quite a lot to take in and delve through but it is exciting to really imagine what may be in store for us once sun and moon are released. I hope you enjoyed my take on Sun and Moon theory. Please be sure comment below with your ideas and smash the like button to let me know that you enjoyed my thoughts on Sun and Moon.

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