The Dex: “Feeling famous”

Hello Pokefans,

Have you ever felt a little famous? Or at least some form of recognition that you basked in for as long as it could last? Well, I’m in that situation.

As I was  going through my YouTube feed to see what new posts had gone up, I settled on one of my favorite channels. TheNationalDex also known as The Dex, posted its latest podcast run by Jimmy, PokeKellz, and Alex. The main channel is run by Pokekellz and Alex which is geared towards a  Pokemon loving audience with material ranging from Pokemon discussions, theories, lore, strategy, trivia, and the heavy duty of reviewing the entire Pokedex! Did I mention they are quite the co medics with their poke puns?

the dex the national dex pokekellz Alex jimmy dexcast podcast pokemon oshawat fanswers music download pokemon symphony

And then, it happened!

As an avid fan, I email them from time to time for their FANswers portion of the podcast where they read and answer fan mail. And then, it happened! Alex chose my email and read it on the podcast. The email pretty much explained how at last years Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions concert I sat 3 rows from them and was fangirling the entire show because POKEMON, duh; and famous poketubers. Needless to say, I was too nervous to approach and say hi. Furthermore, I posed to them whether or not they would be attending “future” Pokemon symphonic concerts. When I mean “future” it was more like an elbow to the shoulder to Kellz, Alex, and Jimmy–“Please say you are coming to the June 14th concert so I can meet you”.

Any who, they commented on the concert and gave me an ambiguous answer to my question which I felt was a wink. Not confirmed, but the answer at least in my understanding was they will have a more definite answer coming soon perhaps on their next podcast? Could just be something around the subject, who knows?! You know I will be tuning in regardless. You should too!  I highly suggested you check what they are all about. You will definitely find something The Dex channel offers whether you need a good laugh or want to delve deeper into our beloved Pokemon creatures

Here is the podcast where my email was featured in: skip to 50:46 

As always fellow pokefans! Be the best version of yourself!



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