“Enter The Dragon” Pokemon Giveaway

In celebration of the Johto Press grand opening, the blog will be hosting a free Pokemon giveaway.The Pokemon will be a  competitive 5IV breed, Adamant (+Att,-Sp.Att), Extreme Speed (Event Exclusive Move) Dratini; gender will vary. The Pokemon giveaway will run from Wednesday, June 1st – Monday, June 30th of 2016.

dratini dragonair dragonite dragonair moves dragonite evolution dragon air shiny dratini

“Enter the Dragon”


  • One entry* per person; entrants must complete at least ONE requirements
  • Open to US and International participants including all ages
  • No purchase necessary


In order to participate in the drawing you CAN:

  1. Subscribe to the Johto Press
  2. Follow at least ONE other of my social media outlets Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram
  3. Share a screenshot or photo of the Johto Press Blog through either Instagram, Twitter , Pinterest with the hashtag: #enterthedragon


Important information if chosen

  • Must have either 1 of the following Pokemon games: Pokemon X or Y / ORAS
  • Have a Nintendo 3DS in the 3DS family (XL, New Nintendo 3DS, etc) or 2DS
  • Reliable internet connection (Wifi)


Wishing everyone the best of luck!


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